Aspire Coils Burning Out Fast?

In ordinary use, you can expect several days of life – sometimes even weeks – out of a new Aspire vaping coil. As you use the coil, you should notice a gradual decline in the overall quality of the vaping experience as the flavor quality and vapor production both decrease. What happens, though, if the decline isn’t gradual? Certain e-liquids and vaping styles can greatly decrease coil life. In the worst-case scenario, you might begin to notice a burned flavor from your Aspire coil after less than a day of vaping. So, why are your Aspire coils burning out fast? Let’s examine the causes and find out what you can do to make your coils last longer.

The Right E-Liquid Makes Your Aspire Coils Last Longer

Did you know that your choice of e-liquid can have an enormous impact on coil life? There is a huge selection of e-liquid in the world, but all of it essentially falls into two categories: sweetened and unsweetened. Sweetened e-liquid uses the sweetener sucralose to create flavor profiles that are almost as sweet as candy. If your e-liquid leaves a lingering sweetness in your mouth and on your lips, it most likely contains sucralose.

Sweet flavors are delicious – there’s no doubt about that. However, there is also a problem: Sucralose doesn’t vaporize. It burns. As sucralose burns, it leaves a dark residue on your coil that grows in thickness and eventually covers the coil’s entire heating area. Vapers use the extremely scientific term “coil gunk” when talking about that residue – and since a large portion of today’s e-liquids are sweetened, coil gunk is a problem that practically every vaper deals with at one time or another.

How quickly can sucralose burn out your Aspire coil? If you use a heavily sweetened e-liquid, you’ll start to notice coil gunk’s characteristic flavor of burned sugar after only a few hours of vaping. That’s a serious problem if you want to enjoy the several days of usable life that Aspire coils are capable of delivering. So, what’s the solution? Switch to an unsweetened e-liquid! Without sucralose sticking to your coils and burning, you’ll find that your Aspire coils last much longer.

Your Aspire Coil Needs to Stay Wet

When your Aspire coils burn out, do you ever examine the burned-out coils before replacing them? If the metal is black, coil gunk is the reason why your Aspire coils are burning out. If the metal is still shiny, the problem isn’t coil gunk – it’s a burned wick. Your Aspire coil has a cotton wick that will burn quickly if you allow it to go dry.

Have you ever noticed the holes on the side of a vape coil? E-liquid flows from the tank to the wick through those holes – and for that to happen, the e-liquid in your tank needs to cover the holes. Are you the type who likes to push your tank to the limit, waiting until it’s completely empty before adding more e-liquid? It’s likely that your wick is burning.

It’s possible to check some coils for burned wicks. After removing the coil from your tank, pull the plug out of the bottom of the coil assembly and push the wick and coil out through the top of the metal enclosure. Unwrap the wick and examine it. If you see a black spot, the wick is burned. Keep your tank topped off, and don’t allow the level of e-liquid to get so low that it no longer covers the coil’s wick holes.

Poor E-Liquid Flow Burns a Coil Out

Is the wick in your Aspire coil burning even though you always keep the tank full? If that is the case, there is a problem that’s preventing the e-liquid from feeding through adequately and keeping the coil wet. We’ll explain the two primary reasons why e-liquid doesn’t flow through a coil as it should.

Your E-Liquid Is Too Thick

Have you noticed that an e-liquid bottle often has something called a “VG/PG ratio” printed on the label? That describes the e-liquid’s ratio of vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol. VG and PG are the two base components of most e-liquids. They keep the nicotine and flavors mixed together and dilute those ingredients to the proper concentrations. VG and PG are, in fact, most of what’s in any bottle of e-liquid.

Why is the VG/PG ratio of an e-liquid important? Between those two substances, VG is much thicker. It gives an e-liquid a nice, silky mouth feel and creates the big plumes of vapor that you see when you exhale. PG, on the other hand, is thinner. An e-liquid with more VG creates bigger vapor clouds, and an e-liquid with more PG flows more easily through a coil with small wick holes. If you often experience harsh “dry hits” when vaping – and your Aspire coils burn out fast because their wicks are burning – you’re most likely using an e-liquid with too much VG. Try an e-liquid with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio for good wicking performance with most small coils.

Your Coil Is Overheating

If you examine your Aspire coil closely, you won’t just see wick holes on the side; you’ll also see a recommended wattage range. Did you know that manufacturers choose their suggested wattage ranges with the assumption that you’ll puff on your tank for just two seconds at a time? If you’re a long, deep puffer, you’ll have to adjust the wattage setting on your device to compensate for that.

If you take long puffs while running your device at the top end of the coil’s recommended wattage range, your coil will dry out at the end of your puffs because it’ll vaporize the e-liquid in the wick more rapidly than the wick can replenish itself with fresh e-liquid from the tank. If you vape at high wattages, you’ll need to take shorter puffs. If you prefer long puffs, you’ll need to vape at lower wattages to keep your coil from overheating.

Author: Jason Artman

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  1. So can you please explane how when I first bought my crown III and up to this box of coils that a coil would last 2 to 3 weeks.this last box every coil has only lasted 1 to 2 days. I have gone as far as only pulling for 3 seconds and fallowing what uwell says use lower wattage range and turning down the amount of air flow and I am still burning coild in a day or less.

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    • Are you using sweetened e-liquid? Sucralose can easily kill a coil in less than a day.

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      • Would salt nic burn the coil out with in a day? Just bought one yesterday and the coil is already tasing burnt

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        • Hi Kk,

          It definitely can if it’s sweetened. Does the e-liquid taste almost as sweet as candy? Does it leave a sweet residue on your lips? That’s sucralose.

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    • That happened to me too! The original coils that came in the box lasted for a whole month , the ones I buy 5 in a pack will last 2 days

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  2. I have an Aspire Vision battery and I need coils, however not sure of which ones I need. I also have the Aspire tank ( CE)?? Can you help me select the coil I need?? Thank You.

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  3. I bought Aspire Odan tank.. coils only last max of 2 days.. not black from sweetness.. wasbut changed liquid, hasnt solved burnt taste.. never run juice below holes.. coil is 60-80w

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  4. I’m getting bubbles of air collecting in the inlets after every pull, because the air bubbles get trapped in the holes I get a burnt tasting pull I have to tilt and twirl the tank to free the bubbles just to take another pull, this seams like a major flaw to the odan aspire tank. Tank is full of juice and free from floating air bubbles the air comes from the inlet holes where the liquid flows onto the wick??? Does not make sence but seams like a bad build.

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