Hamilton Devices Announces Oil Vaporizer with Revolutionary Multi-Cartridge Support

by Aug 8, 2022E-Cigarette News

For Immediate Release: August 8, 2022

Hamilton Devices



Starship vaporizer combines the ability to utilize up to three cartridges or wax coils simultaneously while maintaining the convenience of a vape pen

Sacramento, CA: Hamilton Devices, a leading manufacturer of oil vaporizers and batteries, has announced the immediate availability of the new Starship vaporizer. Combining the power of a traditional desktop vaporizer with the simplicity of a portable vape pen, the Starship vaporizer can utilize up to three vape cartridges or wax coils simultaneously to produce enormous clouds and bold flavors traditionally reserved for much larger devices.

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Starship Multi Cartridge Oil Vaporizer

Controlled by an advanced chipset that allows for precise battery management and reliable operation at three different power levels, the Starship vaporizer has a built-in 1,450 mAh battery and can deliver 3.2, 3.7 or 4.2 volts of power to up to three cartridges. A borosilicate glass enclosure allows the user to inhale from the three cartridges simultaneously, generating triple the vapor production of traditional vape pens. The Starship charges fully from a dead battery in about an hour and a half through the built-in USB-C port.

Industry-Leading Vapor Production and Flavor

“Everyone loves the convenience of a single-button vape pen,” said the Chief Technology Officer of Hamilton Devices. “For more experienced herb connoisseurs, though, a single small vape cartridge simply can’t produce enough vapor per puff to create the kind of intense experience that a frequent vaper wants. The Starship vaporizer makes it possible to enjoy a higher level of intensity with a device that’s as easy to use as a standard vape pen.”

More Flexible Than Any Desktop Vaporizer

Starship Oil Vaporizer

Although the Starship vaporizer has the ability to match the performance of any desktop oil vaping rig, its superlative performance comes with a level of flexibility unmatched by any desktop device. The Starship uses the industry-standard 510 thread, which allows it to support virtually every pre-filled or refillable cartridge on the market. The device supports one, two or three cartridges at a time, and plugs are also included for threads that aren’t in use. In addition, the Starship includes three wax atomizers that instantly transform the device from an oil vaporizer into a triple-powered dab rig.

Three Power Levels; Infinite Options

Clicking the fire button three times allows the Starship vaporizer to switch between its three available voltages – but that’s only the beginning of the customization options available with this device. The primary mode of vaping with the Starship involves placing a glass enclosure over the device, which allows the user to inhale from up to three cartridges simultaneously.

In addition to the glass enclosure, the Starship also includes an attachment that allows the device to connect to a water pipe, allowing the user to enjoy the smoothness of water filtration. In this configuration, it’s possible to switch the Starship from button-activated to draw-activated vaping by pressing the fire button twice. When switched to draw activation, the Starship generates vapor automatically when the user inhales from the connected water pipe. Between the two attachments, three available power levels and the ability to use one, two or three oil cartridges or wax atomizers, the Starship offers a virtually infinite array of vaping possibilities.

About Hamilton Devices:

Based in Sacramento, California, Hamilton Devices is a leading manufacturer of vaporizers and vape pens for oil and wax vaping. The company’s popular products include the Shiv – a vaporizer with retractable threading that allows the cartridge to hide within the body of the device – and the Cube, one of the smallest 510-thread vaporizers ever created. Hamilton Devices is also an authorized distributor of CCELL® vape cartridges, pod systems and disposable vapes.


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