How Does Vaping Affect Your Body and Brain?

Take a look back in time and remind yourself of your very first puff. After you had stopped coughing, you probably felt a pleasurable wave of dizziness and relaxation.

It is no secret that smoking weed and cigarettes influence the human body. Most of the now regular smokers once started from an occasional puff here and there to chill out, and before they knew it, they couldn’t resist asking themselves a question ‘what weed shops near me are the best to become my fixed supplier?’

Once the thought referred to buying a single unit of weed. Now, that idea is extended to more modern smoking solutions, such as vaping. Vaping practices are meant to be less smelly, healthier for the organism, and cleaned of toxic substances. That is why many people convert from the usual way of smoking into the new, less harmful ones.

However, the question of vaping healthiness leaves a lot of space for discussion. Is vaping good for your body and brain?

Many people would argue that it is. They would probably say that vaping helps people relax and makes them feel more at ease. Others, on the other hand, would say that it is far from being healthier.

Most likely, the truth lies somewhere in between. Undoubtedly, the modern versions of smoking offer a lot of benefits compared to old-fashion combust joints. Nevertheless, they are not entirely harmless.

If you wondered how vaping affects your body and brain, both positively and negatively, keep reading.


Vaping can influence different organs and parts of your body:


Let’s start from the life-giving organ in the human body – the heart. In general, smoking affects the heart negatively. No matter if you choose to vape weed or smoke it, your heart will most likely experience unwanted consequences.

Chronic Pain

Cannabis, due to its chemical compounds, is well known for pain-relieving effects. More and more often, it is used in medical therapies for releasing the pain caused by chronic diseases, such as cancer or injuries.


As vaping is quite a new trend on the market, there is not that much information on how exactly it affects your lungs.

However, many scientists and medical experts believe that the lungs get damaged quicker when vaping. The adverse effects are especially severe when the vaping liquids include THC.


Marijuana is believed to help regulate insulin levels and manage caloric intake. If you want to lose weight, smoking pot from time to time could speed that process.


Vapers’ eyes are exposed to nicotine and other harmful substances. Therefore, the risks of vision problems are increased among this group of people.

The presence of toxic chemicals has been linked to eye problems, such as dry eye syndrome, blurred vision, and troubles with distinguishing colors.


Many people claim that smoking cannabis helps to heal broken bones and makes the recovery process faster. At the same, it can make the bones stronger.


THC travels to the brain within just seconds from the first puff. It causes your brain to release dopamine, which is responsible for the characteristic feeling of relaxation.

Due to that, cannabis is a perfect solution for people experiencing chronic stress, recurring anxiety attacks, or even suffering from PTSD. It helps its users calm down and let go of fear.

Cannabis is also known to help people with Parkinson’s disease. It helps to reduce hand tremors and reduces overall pain. Moreover, it promotes good sleep and may improve motor skills.

However, if you are a vaper, your brain’s cognitive functions may be affected negatively. That is especially dangerous when it comes to young people. Their brain’s parts responsible for decision-making and impulse control are not yet developed. Frequent vaping may affect those parts of the brain in an unhealthy way.

Other consequences of excessive smoking include the increased potential of nicotine addiction, persistent mood swings, and inadequate impulse control.


Recent studies show that vaping may influence the brain’s and body’s functioning both positively and negatively. On the one hand, it helps release pain and helps reduce stress. On the other hand, it may increase the probability of developing heart, lungs, and sight diseases.

Smoking, whether it be a weed, combust cigarettes, or e-cigarettes will never be healthy or unhealthy. It comes with a wide range of effects. Whether you experience the positive or negative ones is a lottery, and none can guarantee you one or another.

More and more companies are trying to develop less toxic options and substitutes for the harmful ones. However, they are very far from creating a product that will be entirely safe and will affect the body only pleasantly.

It is up to you to decide whether you wish to take the risk and start smoking.

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