How to Choose the Best Delta-8 Products

Delta-8 has become the newest buzzword in the cannabis industry. Commonly referred to as “light weed,” the compound is famous for producing a mild high and a gentle, sedative effect.

In our detailed buyer’s guide for delta 8, we’ll offer advice on how to avoid poorly-crafted products, as well as highlight our five favorite delta-8 products on the market right now.

What Is Delta-8, and How Does It Impact the Body?

Delta-8 is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. In terms of its chemistry, it’s an isomer of delta-9 (the most common form of THC). This means it has the same chemical formula; however, one of its carbon double bonds is placed differently.

Delta-8 produces similar effects to its counterpart, including a euphoric high. However, it’s important to note that its effects are much milder than delta-9.

Many users report that the high experienced with delta-8 isn’t as overwhelming, and that typical THC side effects are much less common. For these reasons, delta 8 products have become popular for both new and experienced cannabis users.

How to Choose the Best Delta-8 Products

There’s no denying that the popularity of delta-8 has led to many poorly crafted and low-quality products in the market. Many new brands are attempting to make quick money, either before the hype dies down or legislation on delta-8 becomes stricter.

However, there are various ways to identify well-valued brands.

Look for Lab Reports

All trusted brands will provide detailed and easily-found lab reports on their site. These documents are an easy way of distinguishing exactly what compounds exist within a product, as well as their exact milligram quantities.

For instance, the best delta 8 tincture on the market today comes with an easily accessible lab report, which customers can view prior to making a purchase. Some lab reports also tell you information about the growing process by offering information on the presence (or hopefully lack thereof), of things like pesticides and herbicides.

Read Reviews

Reading reviews is an excellent way of distinguishing the reputation of a brand. It’s typical to find plenty of customer reviews on a brand website, however, third-party sites like Trustpilot and Yelp ensure that information is unbiased.

Additionally, since delta-8 products are so new to the market, sites like Reddit can also be a great source of information. Users will often leave candid and honest remarks about particular products or brands.

Brand Transparency

A transparent website offers various customer services, including contact information, shipping and return policies, clear information about brand origins and ethos, and more.

This information helps you build a picture of who a brand really is, and whether they are deserving of your money and trust.

Our 5 Best Delta-8 Products

From delta-8 gummies to potent oils, we’ve curated a list of the top delta-8 products on the market today. We’ve taken into consideration price, quality, taste, and brand reputation.

1)  Premium Jane: Delta-8 Gummies

When it comes to giants in the CBD industry, Premium Jane is certainly a stand-out. Having long established themselves as trustworthy pioneers of all things cannabinoid, they are no different when it comes to delta-8.

Based in the US, Premium Jane offers customers delta-8 tinctures and delta-8 gummies. The gummies are especially popular, offering 635mg in total (25mg per gummy). Customers can also choose between a myriad of delicious flavors, including Mango, Watermelon, and Birthday Cake.

2)  PureKana: Delta-8 Tincture

PureKana is another brand that is well-known for producing some of the industry’s top CBD products. This is largely thanks to their A+ farming methods, manufacturing, and lab-testing protocols.

With this in mind, it’s unsurprising that their delta-8 tinctures have become an almost-instant hit in the industry. The tincture contains 1000mg of delta-8, as well as 200mg of CBG to create a unique combination that’s designed to enhance relaxation and tranquility.

PureKana’s prices are a bit more costly than other brands on the list, but they do offer free shipping to all customers based in the USA.

3)  Finest Labs: Delta-8 Vape Cartridge

Finest Labs are best known for their unique terpene blends, a skill that they also incorporate into their delta-8 vape cartridges. These master mixologists have crafted a rich berry-flavored vape oil using a renowned terpene profile; Strawberry Cough.

Each cartridge contains 900mg of delta-8, and the 510 threading means it can be used with standard vape devices. Finest Labs also describe themselves as “environmentally-focused.” The company ensures that organic farming and hydrodistillation are used to craft their products.

4)  Diamond CBD: Delta-8 Pre-Rolls

For customers who want convenience, pre-rolls are the ideal product. Diamond CBD’s premium delta-8 rolls are available in several terpene flavors, including Cherry Wine and Special Sauce.

In addition to 90mg of delta-8 in each product, the brand uses hemp-derived kief to make the rolls smell and taste even more potent. As for the effects, Diamond CBD describes the pre-roll experience as “tranquil” and “relaxed.” Additionally, they take care to lab-test their pre-rolls to show that no synthetics, carcinogens, or vitamin E acetate are present.

5)  Exhale Wellness: Delta-8 Softgels

Based in California, Exhale Wellness is another brand that’s branched into delta-8. While they have a range of products on offer, their softgels are particularly unique and come in a variety of strengths: 300mg (10mg per capsule), 750mg (25mg per capsule), and 1500mg (50mg per capsule).

Additionally, each bottle is vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% organic. Instead of animal gelatin, they use tapioca starch to bind their softgels together, which is great news for animal lovers. Unfortunately, Exhale Wellness doesn’t ship to all states; you can find a full list on their list.

Final Thoughts on How to Choose the Best Delta-8 Products

Choosing a high-quality and effective delta-8 product can feel like an arduous task, but it doesn’t have to be. Selecting brands that offer transparency, detailed lab reports, and positive customer feedback makes it easy to avoid low-grade products. Customers can then focus on the type of delta-8 product they want to use.

Whether you want vegan delta-8 gummies from Premium Jane or a cannabinoid tincture blend from PureKana, there are options out there that will afford you a potent, authentic delta 8 experience.

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