If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that a lot of new blogs seem to be starting up these days, we completely agree.

Why are blogs so popular? We think it’s because many people around the world love to share their thoughts, stories and opinions. It is incredibly easy to start a blog, so nearly anyone can do it.

But the biggest reason why your vape shop needs a blog is…

…because blogging is the best way — bar none — to generate web traffic for your vape shop.

Still not certain whether starting a blog is the right decision for you? We’ve got nine reasons that explain why blogging is great for almost anyone. Let’s dive in — and if you need help getting started, click here. We offer content writing services for vape shops, and we can help you get your blog off the ground.

What exactly are blogs?

A blog is essentially any website that stores a collection of articles in reverse chronological order. Blogs are among the most popular types of websites in the world today. If you have a favorite website that you continually check for new articles — and new articles appear at the top of the website’s front page — that website is probably a blog.

So, why should you start one?

Blogs can earn money.

One of the primary reasons why you should start a blog is the fact that a blog can eventually become a source of income. If you write great content, you’ll eventually build up a reader base. Your reader base will grow to trust you and pay attention to your recommendations.

How can vape shops earn money from blogging?

  • Direct sales: Link your website to an e-commerce provider such as Shopify, and you can start selling your products online.
  • Lead generation: Add forms to your articles, and collect the email addresses of your potential leads. See how we do it.
  • Affiliate marketing: If you happen to recommend products that you don’t sell in your articles, why not earn a bit of money for the trouble? Monetize your links with an affiliate network such as ShareASale.

A blog is your own online property.

Do you enjoy sharing your opinions on forums? What about social media — or in the comment sections of blogs? Every time you post content on someone else’s website, you’re giving the website owner free content.

Here’s the problem:

You’re creating value for that website — but you’re getting nothing for it.

A blog is yours. Every time you write something for your blog — even if it’s something small — you’re adding value to something you own.

A blog helps you build an audience.

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers receive lucrative advertising deals and free products from companies? A blogger receives attractive offers from companies because he or she has built an audience. As a blogger, you’ll begin to gain followers if you post great content. Over time, you’ll build an audience — and your audience will grow to become a valuable commodity.

Blogs help others find the information they want.

If you’re still wondering why blogging is worthwhile, think about all of the times in which you’ve searched for information online.

Did you land on a blog? Was it helpful? When you start a blog and share your vaping knowledge with the world, you’ll be the next person to make the world a slightly better place — just as bloggers before you have done.

Bloggers inspire others.

After you’ve taken the time to share your knowledge through your blog, you’ll start to see your blog’s traffic grow a little each day. People will read your content, and they’ll find it useful.

Here’s why:

No one else in the world has exactly the same perspective that you do.

Don’t be surprised when you begin to see emails from readers who want to thank you for improving their lives.

Blogging gives you the ability to share your story with others.

Your unique perspective doesn’t just allow you to share specialized information with others — it also gives you an opportunity to share your story. Don’t just share your knowledge — tell your readers about the experiences that helped you form your opinions.

A blog can eventually become its own business.

You’d like to earn money online, wouldn’t you? Few people would say “no” to a bit of extra money.

Here’s the magic of blogging, though:

Earning money from it isn’t actually that hard.

It boils down to three things:

  • Learning to write compelling, informative content
  • Writing enough content that your blog begins to receive consistent traffic
  • Finding an offer that resonates with your readers and makes them want to buy

You don’t need special skills or a high level of technical ability to do those three things. You only need time and motivation.

Once you find a formula that works, you can scale it until your blog earns just as much revenue as your vape shop.

Bloggers can work anywhere.

You don’t need a fast PC to become a blogger. In fact, you don’t even need to work at home. You can work on your blog wherever an Internet connection is available — and you can do it with any Internet-connected device. If you’d like to bring your smartphone or tablet to a coffee shop and work on your blog from there, you can.

Blogging will improve your writing skills.

Many of the people who start blogs do it for reasons other than career aspirations. Some simply want to become better writers. Have you ever wanted to learn how to express your thoughts more succinctly? Would you like to learn to write more persuasively and influence others? Blogging is a great excuse for you to spend a bit of time writing each day. Over time, your writing skills will improve. When you write commercial content for your vape shop’s website, it’ll result in more sales.