The 14 Worst Vaping Photo Models Ever

Do you vape? If you don’t, you’re about to see 14 possible reasons why not. If you do vape, get ready for confirmation of something that you’ve probably suspected for a long time. When you shop for vape gear online, you’re seeing the same stock photo models over and over – and they’re often truly, laughably terrible.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of stock photos, it works like this: Taking a truly professional-quality photo is hard. It’s a skill that few people possess. Hiring a photographer is prohibitively expensive when you’ve just started a new business on a shoestring budget, so small businesses turn to stock photos instead. Photographers upload their work to stock photo websites and earn royalties when people pay to license their photos.

You can find stock photos appropriate for just about every industry, and the vaping industry is no exception. Figuring out how to market vaping products, though, is something that photographers are still grappling with. With models looking like everything from porn star rejects to aging wannabe hipsters, the vaping models at stock photo websites are almost universally abysmal.

Let’s look at some of the worst photography that the vaping industry has to offer. Feel better about yourself instantly by looking at some of the most awful vaping stock photo models ever.

The Rich Creepy Vaping Uncle

Rich Creepy Vaping Uncle

You know that you’ve finally made it when you can don your purple velour smoking jacket and vape while standing at the gate of your mansion. Through our vaping SEO service, this is probably the most common stock photo that we see on new clients’ websites. It’s our first order of business to replace it immediately.

The Flatulent Vaper

Flatulent Vaping Photo Model

“Umm, did I do that?”

The ‘70s Are Over

The 70s Are Over Vaping Stock Photo

Remember how cigarette ads back in the day tried to make it seem as though a member of the opposite sex would positively fawn over you if you blew the right brand of cigarette smoke in her face? It didn’t work then, and it doesn’t work for vaping, either – especially with models who aren’t even trying to look like they’re into it.

Vaping in Our Bodysuits

Vaping in Our Bodysuits Photo Models

This photo is just such a wonderful slice of life – it’s a completely natural portrait of two young women vaping. In bodysuits. With their butts touching.

Can I Leave Now?

Can I Leave Now Vaping Photo Model

“I have no idea how to use either of these things and find them both equally revolting. Can I take my paycheck and leave now?”

Passed Out. Still Vaping!

Passed Out Still Vaping Photo Model

Here’s the ultimate stock photo for marketing vaping products to college students. Did you know that you can party until you pass out and still vape like a champ? Neither did we!

Enjoying a Post-Coital Vape

Post Coital Vape Bad Stock Photo

“So, was it good for you?”

“Umm, not so much.”

The First One’s Free

The First Ones Free Vaping Photo Model

This one might be the single worst vaping stock photo ever created. Could they have possibly made the guy look any more like some kind of creepy drug dealer?

Bad Vaping Santa

Bad Vaping Santa Worst Vaping Models

In olden times, Santa used to smoke a pipe. Not anymore. Today, Santa’s busy chucking sweet lemon-custard clouds when he isn’t busy posing for photos at the mall.

Vaping in a Gas Mask

Vaping in a Gas Mask Stock Photo

Words actually can’t describe the stupidity of this one.

Every Parent’s Worst Fear

Every Parents Worst Fear

Half of the world’s parents have nightmares that their daughter will one day bring this guy home. The other half of the world’s parents fear that their son is this guy.

The Vaping Yoga Guy

Vaping Yoga Guy Stock Photo Model

We bet you didn’t know that the weird guy who always seems to be staring at women’s butts from the back row of the yoga class is also a vaping stock photo model. He’s totally deepening his practice, man. With a tank full of chocolate-almond biscotti vape juice in his hand.

Have Vape, Will Travel (Slowly)

Have Vape Will Travel Photo Model

Yeah, he’s totally shopping for a sweet new car right now. He’s just having a little trouble saving up the down payment because he’s got to have that sweet new mod. Oh, and that tank. And that entire line of e-liquid. Actually, you know what? He’s just going to keep riding the scooter for a while.

The Scary Vaping Clown

Scary Vaping Clown

You can actually buy this picture from a stock photo website, right now, to promote your vaping business. Good luck with that.

Author: Jason Artman

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  1. I enjoyed your story or testimony on how you quit smoking and started vaping…but I expected this story to be good like the worst 14 models like as in Proucts. Like Smok mods, the old vape pens you used a screw on charger, or the 1st box mods. I’ll take the idea and help write with you.
    John Benenati

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