Best E-Cigarette for Beginners

Here at eCig One, we’ve been writing about e-cigarettes almost as long as the vaping industry has existed in the United States. Things have changed a lot during that time. We’ve seen some major technological advancements. We’ve also seen Big Tobacco enter the vaping industry and squeeze many of the smaller companies out. Today, you can buy an e-cigarette starter kit from just about any store that sells tobacco products — and that’s exactly what many people do when they want to try e-cigarettes for the first time. They run down to the local gas station and grab a Vuse or Blu kit. If they like it, they keep vaping. If they don’t, they assume vaping isn’t for them and go right back to smoking. If you’re here, though, you don’t want just any e-cigarette starter kit. You want the best e-cigarette for beginners.

Green ArrowDon’t want to read the whole story? The best e-cigarette for beginners is V2 Cigs. Click here to shop now. If you’re in Europe, use this link instead. Use the coupon code ECIGONE15 when checking out for a 15 percent discount on a V2 Classic, V2 EX or V2 VX starter kit. Use the coupon ECIGONE for a 10 percent discount on most other products.

If we’ve piqued your curiosity, continue reading and we’ll explain our recommendation.

Aren’t All E-Cigarette Starter Kits the Same?

Although we think it’s great that e-cigarettes are now available in so many different places, the fact is that they are not all the same. All e-cigarettes use the same basic technology — a heating coil turns liquid to vapor, and you inhale the vapor — but they differ greatly in performance, flavor and after-purchase support. We recommend V2 Cigs because:

  • Best performance: The V2 EX series features the best battery life, vapor production and cartridge capacity of any e-cigarette for beginners
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Return any V2 starter kit within 30 days for a full refund if you don’t like it
  • Limited lifetime warranty: Replace defective batteries and other items for life as long as you’ve purchased e-liquid or cartridges in the last 90 days
  • Batch tests: View the quality control test results for every batch of e-liquid or cartridges that V2 has ever produced. Click here and scroll down to “Free E-Liquid Batch Reports” to get started. Try the code “VSAA” to see an example report.
  • Fresh cartridges: V2 ships its cartridges in foil-sealed blister packs so they’ll always arrive fresh. No stale or dry cartridges!
  • Vertical integration: You can use any V2 e-liquid with any V2 product. If there’s a flavor for your V2 EX kit that you love, you can buy the same flavor by the bottle and continue using it if you decide to upgrade to a larger vaporizer later.
  • Empty cartridges available: There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world today. With V2, you can try all of them. V2 sells empty cartridges for all of its e-cigarettes. Fill them with any e-liquid you like. You can’t do that with a Vuse!

I Really Want to Buy an E-Cigarette Starter Kit Today!

We understand how exciting it is to discover that an alternative to smoking exists. We were there once, too. We did not want to buy our e-cigarettes online and wait for shipping. We’ve tried all of the e-cigarettes available in convenience stores, though. You’ll find that they lack most — if not all — of the features we’ve listed above. We also find that the convenience store e-cigarettes are severely lacking in the flavor department. If the e-cigarette that you buy is ultimately the one that helps you make the switch from tobacco, isn’t it worth it to wait a day or two?

There’s also the matter of who you’d be supporting if you bought an e-cigarette from a convenience store. Do you think that buying an e-cigarette starter kit is a fast way to rid your life of Big Tobacco? Don’t be so sure:


Who Really Owns the E-Cigarette Companies?


Owner: BAT


Owner: Imperial


Owner: Altria



How Should the Best E-Cigarette for Beginners Work?

If you’ve already spent some time reading about e-cigarettes online — or have friends who vape — you’ve probably seen some larger vaping devices such as “box mods.” Advanced vaping devices typically have very long battery life and have large tanks that users fill themselves. We do not believe that an advanced vaping device is the best e-cigarette for beginners. We believe that the average person who is considering buying an e-cigarette wants something that’s just as easy to use as a tobacco cigarette. If you’re really serious about vaping — and never picking up a tobacco cigarette again — you don’t want to bother with filling tanks, replacing atomizer coils, confirming the compatibility of different products, checking coil resistance and learning about battery safety. You want something that’s ready to use when you need it. We believe that the best e-cigarette for beginners:

  • Should produce thick, rich clouds of vapor that never fail to satisfy
  • Should have pre-filled cartridges that you can open and use immediately
  • Should always work as expected with no adjustments and no troubleshooting

V2 does sell some some advanced vaporizers for experienced e-cigarette users. They’re great devices, and you should definitely consider upgrading to one of them if you decide one day that you’d like to get even more from your vaping experience. For beginners, though, we only recommend the V2 e-cigarettes that fit the three criteria above. Those e-cigarettes are:

  • The V2 Classic E-Cigarette
  • The V2 EX E-Cigarette
  • The V2 VERTX E-Cigarette

Not sure which e-cigarette is the right one for you? We’ll explain how they compare.

V2 Classic E-Cigarette




Cartridge Size

About 0.8 ml

Vapor Thickness



ECIGONE15: 15% Off

The V2 Cigs Classic system is our pick for occasional and social smokers. That isn’t to say that the V2 Cigs Classic starter kit isn’t a great deal if you’re a smoker on a tight budget; V2 Cigs Classic was the best “micro” e-cigarette on the market until V2 released the EX system. Many people actually prefer it because the cost per cartridge is the lowest out of all V2 Cigs offerings. If you buy cartridges in packs of 80, you’ll spend just $1.69 per cartridge. That’s about half of what the convenience store brands charge. V2 also offers far more flavors and nicotine strengths than any convenience store e-cigarette.

With the V2 Classic Kit, you get all of the benefits that every V2 customer enjoys — a money-back guarantee, a limited lifetime warranty, batch testing for all cartridges and more — and you get them at a very low price.

V2 EX E-Cigarette




Cartridge Size

About 1.0 ml

Vapor Thickness



ECIGONE15: 15% Off

The V2 Cigs EX system is our pick for daily smokers. If you want an e-cigarette that mimics the shape and size of a real cigarette, V2 Cigs EX is the best e-cigarette on the market. While other e-cigarette companies were resting on their laurels, V2 was hard at work designing the most advanced “cigalike” ever made. A few years later, it’s still the most advanced — and since current FDA law in the United States prevents companies from releasing new products without approval, V2 Cigs EX may be the most advanced cigalike you’ll ever see

V2 Cigs EX is overall the best e-cigarette for beginners. Here’s why:

  • Better battery design. Unlike most cigalike batteries, the V2 EX battery has an indicator on the side showing you the remaining charge. With standard batteries, you’ll only know that you need to charge the battery because it has stopped working.
  • Better cartridge design. Most e-cigarette cartridges use a soft cotton or synthetic filler material to hold the e-liquid. The filler material takes up space — so the cartridge holds less e-liquid — and blocks airflow. The V2 EX cartridge is a miniature tank that holds more e-liquid and provides perfect airflow. A window on the side of the cartridge makes it easy to tell how much e-liquid remains.
  • Better vapor production. V2 EX is more satisfying than other small e-cigarettes. With the perfect airflow and advanced heating coil, you’ll get more vapor per puff.
  • Best looking e-cigarette on the market. With colors including silver, carbon fiber, opal and rose gold, no e-cigarette looks as nice as V2 EX. Every battery includes a matching cap that snaps over the cartridge and completes the look.

V2 VERTX E-Cigarette




Cartridge Size

About 1.2 ml

Vapor Thickness



ECIGONE15: 15% Off

The V2 Cigs VERTX system is our pick for heavy smokers. It’s a bit larger than the other e-cigarettes for beginners from V2 — similar in size to a ballpoint pen. It’s the added size, though, that gives you the extra battery life, vapor production and cartridge capacity that will help you get through the transition from smoking to vaping if you’re a heavy smoker.

We recommend the V2 VERTX Plus kit. With VERTX Plus, the most important feature that you’ll receive is a battery that lets you control the volume of vapor per puff. You can adjust the vapor by moving your finger across the touch-sensitive panel on the top of the device. You can increase the vapor if you need a little extra to satisfy your nicotine cravings, or you can decrease it if you’re low on e-liquid and want to conserve.

Although the VERTX Plus costs a bit more than the standard VERTX starter kit, we feel that the ability to adjust the vapor volume is something that no heavy smoker should do without.

Why else is the V2 VERTX Plus system the best e-cigarette for heavy smokers?

  • Large drop-in cartridges. Even if you smoke heavily, it’s likely that one V2 VERTX cartridge will keep you going through an entire day. Like the V2 EX cartridges, every VERTX cartridge has a clear window showing you how much e-liquid is left.
  • Better battery life. While the V2 EX battery has a capacity of 280 mAh, the V2 VERTX Plus contains a 420 mAh battery. You’ll enjoy great battery life — even if you only run the VERTX at the maximum power setting.
  • As simple as any cigalike. Unlike other advanced e-cigarettes, V2 VERTX has no learning curve. All of the connections are magnetic. Push the charger on the bottom of the battery to charge, and drop a cartridge in the top when it’s time for a refill.

What Is Switching to E-Cigarettes Like?

You May Not Find It Easy

Switching from smoking to vaping is a huge step, and no two people have exactly the same experience. Some people pick up an e-cigarette and never use tobacco again. Others find the transition a little more difficult and continue to smoke while vaping. We believe that every time you use an e-cigarette when you would have otherwise smoked a cigarette, it’s a victory — even if you don’t make the transition all at once.

Although nicotine is the primary active ingredient in tobacco, it isn’t the only ingredient that affects your body. Cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals. For example, the results of a 1996 study suggest that tobacco smoke — not nicotine — is an MAO A inhibitor. If you switch fully from smoking to vaping, it may take a few days before you begin to feel completely normal because your body will still need to rid itself of the thousands of other components of cigarette smoke. Once you’ve gotten through that stage, you’ll realize that cigarettes actually taste horrible compared to e-cigarettes — and you’ll likely never have to worry about cravings again.

Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength

Aside from choosing the best e-cigarette for beginners — something we’ve tried to help with here — the most important thing that you can do to make the transition from smoking to vaping successful is choose the right nicotine strength.

With a small e-cigarette like the ones that we describe in this article, we suggest starting with a nicotine strength of 18 mg unless you smoke significantly more or less than a pack of cigarettes per day. If you feel jittery because the nicotine strength is too high, you can always use your e-cigarette less often while you wait for lower-strength cartridges to arrive. If the nicotine strength is too low, though, you’ll find your cravings impossible to satisfy.

Should I Choose an Automatic or Manual Battery?

If you buy a V2 Classic or EX e-cigarette, you can choose an automatic battery, a manual battery or one of each. We recommend getting one of each so you can decide which style you prefer.

An automatic battery contains an airflow sensor that causes the e-cigarette to generate vapor when you puff. Some people prefer automatic batteries because you can hold an e-cigarette with an automatic battery as if it were a real cigarette. An automatic battery has a slight delay, though, before it begins to generate vapor.

A manual battery has a button on the side. The e-cigarette produces vapor when you hold the button. Since a manual battery allows you to hold the button before you inhale, you’ll get slightly more vapor per puff if you use an e-cigarette with a manual battery.

Charging Your E-Cigarette

Charging an e-cigarette battery is easy. Simply twist the end of the battery into the USB charger — or touch the two together if you’re using the magnetic VERTX — and connect the charger to a USB port or wall charger. When the indicator light on the battery changes color or turns off, the battery is charged.

Using Your E-Cigarette

When your battery is fully charged, twist on a cartridge or drop the cartridge into the magnetic chamber if you’re using the VERTX. If you’re using an automatic battery, puff on the e-cigarette as if it were a real cigarette. If you’re using a manual battery, hold the button down just before puffing.

Has the vapor production of your e-cigarette begun to decrease? It’s time to charge the battery.

Does the flavor of your e-cigarette seem a bit muted? Your cartridge is nearly empty.

What If My E-Cigarette Isn’t Working?

Don’t panic. The best thing about using an e-cigarette designed for beginners is the fact that very little can go wrong. If your V2 Cigs e-cigarette isn’t working, follow these four steps:

  1. Press the activation button three times quickly. The V2 VERTX — and V2 EX batteries with manual buttons — can lock for safety. Pressing the button three times unlocks the battery.
  2. Try a different cartridge. It’s possible that the cartridge you’re using has been damaged in some way.
  3. Charge the battery. For safety, V2 Cigs e-cigarette batteries do not work when their charge levels are critically low.
  4. Call V2 at 877-37-VAPOR for help. You can also connect with V2 via email or live chat by clicking this link. If you have a defective product, the representative will walk you through your options for replacement.

Author: Jason Artman

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  1. I started with the Vapour2 ex and I thought I was going to switch to something bigger in some time. My friends were telling me that I’d have to bc soon enough this one is not going to do it for me. But truth to be told I still use it to this day (2 years later) and I enjoy it every day.

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