Here at eCig One, we’ve written extensively about the legal hurdles involved with buying e-liquid in Australia. Australian law classifies liquid nicotine as a poison and a controlled substance, so nicotine e-liquid isn’t available to buy over the counter there as it is in other countries in which vaping is permitted. That has left Australian smokers in the lurch when it comes to buying modern vaping devices such as pod systems. Australians can always import JUUL pods and other similar products from overseas vendors – that’s legal with a prescription – but doing that always entails questions about whether the prices are fair and whether the pods are even authentic.

Australian vapers have demanded a pod system that’s easy to buy, always authentic and designed to meet their needs, and the best pod vape has finally arrived in the form of the VIGGO by Vaper Empire. Vaper Empire is an Australian company offering local customer service, but they ship products from abroad to comply with local laws. You’ll receive your order from Vaper Empire via DHL in 3-5 business days.

Explore the VIGGO pod vaping system now at Vaper Empire Australia. VIGGO starter kits are priced at $59.99 AUD and up.

What Is the VIGGO Pod System?

VIGGO Vaper Empire Review

The VIGGO is a pod system designed from the ground up to satisfy the needs and please the palates of Australian smokers and vapers. Available in six delicious flavors, VIGGO hits much harder than you’d think from its small size. It is also far, far more capable – not to mention tastier – than anything available from JUUL and other competing brands.

VIGGO Pod Vaping System: Features and Specifications

  • The VIGGO uses nicotine salt e-liquid in a standard strength of 3 percent. The 3-percent nicotine strength is supremely smooth and satisfying. Avoiding the incredibly high nicotine strength of the JUUL also ensures that the VIGGO has lower addictive potential while remaining a viable option for smokers determined to switch to vaping successfully.
  • The VIGGO is also one of the few pod systems on the market with nicotine-free pods available as an option. Other brands typically don’t offer nicotine-free pods because they want you to stay addicted.
  • The VIGGO has a 400 mAh battery with automatic draw-activated firing. Just puff to vape. The battery charges via USB in about one hour.
  • VIGGO pods hold 1.8 ml of e-liquid each. That’s the equivalent of nearly three JUUL pods in each VIGGO pod, making this device both affordable and truly capable of delivering all-day vaping in a single pod.
  • The VIGGO has a variable-voltage function that allows you to toggle between power levels of 3.0, 3.4 and 3.8 volts by pressing the button three times. The variable-voltage function allows you to tweak the device’s vapor production and flavor intensity.
  • The VIGGO comes in two different starter kits costing $59.99 and $89.99. The more expensive kit includes a leather carrying case along with three packs of pods rather than just one pack. Given the fact that VIGGO pods cost $24.95 per pack, the more expensive kit is definitely the better value.
  • Vaper Empire offers a bulk deal in which you can receive a free pack of VIGGO pods for every three that you buy.

Viggo Review Vaper Empire

Using the VIGGO Pod System

The first thing you’ll notice when taking the VIGGO pod system out of the package is that it was clearly designed to meet much higher ergonomic standards compared to some other competing devices like the JUUL. The JUUL’s square edges might make the device look a bit like a futuristic USB thumb drive, but those same edges also make the device rather uncomfortable to hold. Many people wouldn’t be using the JUUL at all if not for the fact that the device’s incredibly high 5 percent nicotine strength has them hopelessly hooked. The VIGGO, in comparison, has a wonderfully ergonomic rounded shape and a soft-touch surface that feels great in the hand. If you’re switching from the JUUL, you will absolutely love how much more comfortable the VIGGO is to hold.

JUUL switchers will also need to contend with the fact that the VIGGO has a slightly lower nicotine strength of 3 percent. You’ll find, though, that the vapor production of the VIGGO is substantially greater than that of the JUUL. Since you’ll be inhaling more e-liquid with each puff, we think you’ll find the transition from the JUUL to the VIGGO completely seamless.

We also think you’ll love the 3 percent nicotine strength of the VIGGO if you’re a smoker and have not yet made the switch to vaping. The VIGGO provides an assertive, cigarette-like throat hit, but the nicotine strength isn’t so high that the peppery flavor covers the flavor of the e-liquid. It’s a perfect balance.

VIGGO Pod System Review: The Bottom Line

Vaper Empire has been a fixture in the Australian vaping scene since 2013, and they continue to do swift business with products such as the V-Pack cigalike and the V-Twist vape pen. When you look at the pricing of the VIGGO system compared to the company’s other products, though, it’s clear that Vaper Empire sees pod vapes as the way of the future both for their own company and for vaping in general.

Our experience suggests that Vaper Empire’s decision to stake its future on the VIGGO system is a wise one. In the world of branded e-cigarettes, cigalikes have obviously been falling by the wayside for a while – and it’s difficult to recoup the R&D capital necessary to produce a branded mod because a new mod can become outdated very quickly. Pod systems, on the other hand, have proven that they can remain successful for several years without any major changes.

The VIGGO pod system is an excellent one, and we think that vapers in Australia and New Zealand will have no trouble finding plenty of reasons to buy it instead of competing systems like the JUUL.

The Good

  • Generous pod size should be enough to keep most people vaping all day
  • Default nicotine strength of 3 percent is high enough to satisfy smokers without being unnecessarily high like other brands
  • One of the only systems on the market with pre-filled nicotine-free pods available
  • Variable-voltage functionality makes it possible to tweak vapor warmth and flavor intensity

The Not So Good

  • Only six flavors available at the time of writing