Whether you are a convenience store owner, vape shop owner, or smoke shop owner, it is imperative to find a trustworthy supplier for vape products. The rise in popularity of vape products has coincided with the rise of large vape distributors nationwide. Most vape distributors started out as importers of other goods, especially in the smoke and tobacco category. Whether you are looking for a local distributor, or national distributor, there are always a couple of very important criteria to look at.

Fastest Vape Wholesale Shippers

One of the most important traits of a top distributor is prompt ship times. Most quality vape shippers will ship orders with 1-2 days of the order being placed. Quick ship times allows your store to keep less inventory on hand and therefore keep more cash in your pocket. All businesses found in our list of top distributors have excellent ship times and great customer service staffs so you can find your shipment at a moment’s notice.

Great Vape Product Mix

Another very important trait of an excellent vape distributor is that they carry a nice product mix. They stay on top of market trends and have a wide variety flavors and hardware to choose from. Now that the vape industry has shifted towards disposable vapes, it is vital to find a partner that carries a wide assortment of high quality vape flavors.

Mi-Pod Wholesale

Mi-Pod Wholesale started out as a manufacturer of the incredibly popular vape pod device, the Mi-Pod, but has become so much more. Mi-Pod is now a leading disposable vape distributor and carries some of the highest quality disposable vapes on the market today as well as some of the leading vape juice brands. Not only do they carry some great product lines, their ship times are incredibly fast.

If you are looking for high quality, long-lasting disposable vapes, Mi-Pod Wholesale has you covered. They have a great selection of big disposable vapes to choose from and a large customer support team and sales team so you can talk to person on the phone at any time.

HS Wholesale

HS Wholesale has a couple major benefits to working with them. They are one of the leading Juul distributors in the United States, which is vital for businesses that rely heavily on Juul sales. Another benefit to buying from HS Wholesale is that they have a warehouse that is located centrally in the United States. This can cut down ship times significantly depending on where you are located and who you are currently sourcing your products from.

HS also carries a wide variety of smoke shop products for stores looking for glassware and more.


VapeRanger is a well-known vape distributor with a unique business model. Most vape products available at VapeRanger are drop-shipped from warehouses all around the country. This business model allows them to carry a wide variety of items because they need very little warehouse space to operate. Due to drop-shipping, their prices can be a bit higher but once you log into your account, you will see the vast supply of vape devices that they offer. They sell everything from vape mods, vape pods, vape juice, smoke shop materials and more. They carry such a large number of brands that their site can be a little overwhelming at times but it is a great resource to find any vape brand in the country.