Oh boy, oh boy. That small little lizard nugget in your brain is just a tickling, isn’t it? The sun’s rays are getting more powerful; the rain, for its part, is slowly drying up; birds chirp louder and earlier than before; the nights grow brighter, warmer and more inviting. Summer’s envoys are here, and it is not far behind!

And nothing can usher in the best season of the year quite like the smooth and refreshing hit of a new e-liquid. Or the return of a triumphant favourite from the summers since past. But, not everyone can be a winner in life or in vaping. So, get ready for a dive into Foggy Gorilla Vaping Company’s Top 5 E-liquids for Summer Showdown.

Top 5 E-liquids for Summer Showdown

Naked 100’s Frost Bite

Summer is all about heat and refreshment. We play in the sun’s warm rays all day just for the opportunity to take a nice long break in the shade. And what better way to cool off than with the scintillating flavours of pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew?

The Frost Bite flavour profile brings back all the best memories of tropical vacations, summers sent at the lake and enjoying family picnics. Even for those without these specific memories, the images are still conjured up! Groovy right? With a strong start like this, you can see how fierce this e-liquid competition is likely to be.

Twelve Monkey’s Papio

Did you know that most languages refer to pineapples as some form of anana? Strange right? It’s almost like whoever first found bananas was like, “ah, the sweet yellow fruit all the locals (in South America) have been talking about.” But, they were deceived by the silly outer peel of this vastly inferior paste log.

For the true crown of anana belongs to the pineapple! Tall, delicious, juicy, compact, dangerous and with such a smooth and sweet flavour, pineapple is a positive addition in every application, especially as an e-liquid flavour.

Twelve Monkeys’ Saimiri

We have to get this out in the open. E-liquid flavours cannot replace tactile feelings. The cedar-flavoured vape will not replicate the satisfaction of hacking a tree limb in twain. Similarly, a strawberry-flavoured e-liquid will not adequately recreate the intense satisfaction and crunch that comes with masticating a ripe, plump strawberry.

Don’t take this as a drawback. It’s actually a benefit hidden in disguise. Just as cream cuts the bitter edges of the strawberry, converting the fusion of flavours into e-liquid form cuts out the extra work of chewing. All that’s left is smooth hit after smooth hit.

Naked 100’s Lava Flow

Some of the other contenders in this e-liquid showdown focus on just one flavour. It’s a good tactic that allows for honing a particular flavour to a finely-tuned point. But, Lava Flow by Naked 100 goes the other direction and combines the flavours of strawberries, coconuts and pineapples into one smorgasbord of flavour.

And it works! The acidity of the pineapple falls prey to the smoothness of the coconut, which itself melds and moulds into the strawberry, enhancing the natural sweetness of the fruit and rounding out the flavour profile of the e-liquid. It’s a truly unforgettable experience.

Twelve Monkeys’ Bonogurt

What do you think is behind the rise of parfaits? Is it the availability of greek yogurt, or perhaps, it is the crunchy interplay with nuts, grains and oats? We say nay! It is the repackaging of the fruit into a better package that makes them so appealing.

And Bonogurt carries on this legacy with grace. A perfect blend of berries and yogurts makes our final entry one that should be remembered by anyone looking for a truly unforgettable vaping experience.

And the Winner Is…

We couldn’t possibly choose a winner from so many great contenders. Instead, you’ll have to be the judge! We’ve given you lots of great options, so try them out and let us know which one you think is the penultimate best of all time!