Smoozie E-Liquid by Apollo Vapes: Review

In the world of e-liquid, the times have definitely changed. When the vaping industry first began, the search for the perfect e-liquid was all about finding that perfectly satisfying tobacco or menthol flavor – the one that really captured the sensation of smoking a cigarette. Today, though, fruity flavors and other sweet e-liquids outsell tobacco vape juice by a wide margin. People love their flavored e-liquids, and they’re always on the hunt for something new. Meanwhile, new e-liquid companies from faraway nations such as Malaysia have begun to take the e-liquid industry by storm, releasing e-liquids with tongue-tingling combinations of bold fruit and chilly menthol. That’s just one of the influences behind the new Smoozie e-liquid line from Apollo Vapes.

If you’re been vaping for a while, chances are that you’ve already heard of Apollo. They’re one of the oldest and most influential companies in the vaping industry. If you haven’t heard of Apollo yet, though, get ready; they’ve gone hot and heavy promoting the new Smoozie e-liquid line, and you’ll be hearing a lot more about it over the next year.

Shop the full line of Smoozie e-liquids at Apollo Vapes. Bottles cost $21.95 (60 ml standard nicotine) and $19.95 (30 ml nicotine salt).

Apollo ECigs Smoozie ELiquid

What’s Special About Smoozie E-Liquid?

Everybody loves a fruity e-liquid, but these days, just squirting a random mix of fruity flavors into a bottle isn’t going to cut it with vapers who have already been there and tasted that. You’ve had enough mango/orange/guava e-liquids to last a lifetime, right? Apollo’s Smoozie e-liquids are special because of what they aren’t. They aren’t just another me-too line of the same fruit flavor combinations that you’ve had a dozen times before from all of the other mainstream e-liquid makers. When designing the Smoozie line, Apollo looked to the smoothie shops and juice bars around the world for inspiration and created flavor profiles capturing the essences of the world’s most popular fruity beverages. These e-liquids are sweet and refreshing in a way that most other e-liquids can’t hope to match.

Smoozie E-Liquid: Flavors

At the time of writing, there are five different flavors in the Apollo Vapes Smoozie e-liquid lineup. Each flavor is available in a standard nicotine or nicotine salt base, and each flavor is available with or without an added cooling sensation. If you choose the “ICE” version of a flavor, you’ll get an e-liquid with an added menthol-like finish. The extra coolness makes the e-liquid taste almost like drinking a blended smoothie poured over crushed ice. The non-ICE version of a flavor gives you just the flavor without added coolness.

  • Awesome Apple Sour: Apple is one of the staple fruits at any juice bar. Awesome Apple Sour delivers a superb apple juice flavor, but these apples aren’t the sweet red kind; they’re the sour green apples that make you want to pucker your lips with each taste. So many green apple e-liquids really fail to deliver the sour flavor that apple e-liquid lovers crave. Awesome Apple Sour gets it just right.
  • Ki-Berry Pear Sour: If you were asked to name any fruit combination that you’d be likely to find at a juice bar, what combination would you name first? You’d say “kiwi-strawberry,” right? Well, that’s exactly the flavor combination Apollo aimed for when they developed their Ki-Berry Pear Sour e-liquid, but they didn’t stop there. This e-liquid completes its kiwi-strawberry flavor profile with a dash of juicy pear flavor and a delightfully sour edge on the finish.
  • Maui Waui: You know that there’s no way Apollo would release a line of fruity e-liquids without sampling the uniquely bold fruit flavors of the tropics. Maui Waui blends a fleshy, sweet mango base with a dash of slightly tart pineapple to create an e-liquid with a delightfully balanced blend of sweet and tart flavors. This e-liquid finishes with a blast of juicy strawberry flavor to ensure that your palate never loses interest.
  • Strawberries Gone Wild: Can’t get enough strawberry in your life? Strawberries Gone Wild is the cure. This e-liquid begins with the flavor of the ripest red strawberries of summer and blends that note with the wonderfully complex flavor of plump raspberries. If any other company created an e-liquid with strawberry and raspberry notes, the result might be overpoweringly sweet – but Strawberries Gone Wild avoids that problem with an edgy sour apple finish.
  • Wondermelon Berry Sour: Calling all melon fans! Although strawberry and mango tend to get the most attention in the e-liquid world, there’s definitely a contingent of melon fans that’s way too big to ignore. Are you a melon fan who’s tired of trying one e-liquid after another that essentially just tastes like a handful of generic melon candy? Get ready for a melon vape juice that’s really going to rock your boat. Wondermelon Berry Sour blends notes of cantaloupe, watermelon and strawberry to give you that real fruit smoothie flavor, and it’s got a nice sour finish that’s guaranteed to keep you coming back.

Which Smoozie Nicotine Strength Should I Choose?

As we mentioned above, Smoozie e-liquids by Apollo vapes come in both standard nicotine and nicotine salt varieties. You’ll choose from the following nicotine strengths:

  • Standard nicotine: 0, 3 and 6 mg
  • Nicotine salt: 20, 35 and 50 mg

Obviously, there’s a big difference between the two ranges of nicotine strengths, but the decision essentially comes down to your level of vaping experience and the type of equipment you’re using. Smoozie nicotine salt e-liquids are intended for use with pod vaping systems and other small vaping devices. If you use a small device and inhale the vapor from your mouth to your lungs, you should buy a nicotine salt e-liquid. Choose between the 35 and 50 mg strengths if you’re new to vaping. If you’re an experienced vaper and have already begun to taper your nicotine intake, choose between the 20 and 35 mg strengths.

The standard nicotine Smoozie e-liquids are for vapers who no longer use pod systems and have switched to more powerful sub-ohm vaping devices. If you use a powerful vaping device and inhale the vapor directly to your lungs, try the 3 mg nicotine strength. If you aren’t quite getting enough nicotine for your needs, step up to the 6 mg strength.

Author: Jason Artman

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