One of the biggest annoyances in vaping these days stems from the fact that today’s vaping devices almost work too well. What do we mean by that? When you use a big box mod and a sub-ohm tank, you’re going to enjoy absolutely enormous clouds. You’re also going to go through your e-liquid extremely quickly. If your vape juice has any ingredients that tend to leave residue behind – sucralose, for example – you’re going to begin seeing coil gunk in no time at all.

E-liquids that leave residue on coils because they’re dark in color, heavily sweetened or contain poorly filtered tobacco extracts have always been around. Coil gunk only recently became a major concern in the vaping community, though, because the speed at which the residue forms depends on the volume of e-liquid you use. So, over the last couple of years, vapers all over the world have upgraded their vaping equipment while keeping their e-liquid the same, and they’re finding that their coils are burning out more quickly than ever.

Nothing has changed but their equipment, which naturally leads some people to conclude that they must be doing something wrong. In most cases, though, poor coil life doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong; it’s just that the performance of your vaping hardware is magnifying the impurities in your e-liquid.

So, what do you do if you don’t want to throw an expensive pre-made coil away every day? Traditionally, you’ve had three options.

  • You could start building your own coils. You’ll still get poor coil life, but you won’t spend a fortune on coils.
  • You could switch to an unsweetened e-liquid. Your coils will last much longer, but you might not enjoy your vaping experience as much if you love vape juices with heavy sucralose.
  • You could start cleaning your gunky coils. The thing that prevents most people from going this route is that cleaning vape coils requires time and effort, and the result when you clean your coils by hand isn’t usually worth the trouble.

The first two ways of dealing with coil gunk have serious drawbacks because the first requires you to change your vaping hardware, and the second requires you to change your e-liquid. Until now, the third solution – cleaning your coils – simply didn’t work very well because the results didn’t justify the work involved.

The ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner is a new product that promises to solve your problems with coil gunk for good by cleaning your vape coils more effectively and doing so with absolutely zero effort on your part. Just bring water. Is it going to change your vaping experience forever? Let’s dig in.

Buy the ROBO2020 vape coil cleaner now from the official website. It costs $59.95 and ships free within the United States.

What Is the ROBO2020 Vape Coil Cleaner?

The ROBO2020 is a small countertop device that cleans your vape coils automatically using only water. You place your coils in the device’s top chamber and add water to the bottom chamber. When you turn the ROBO2020 on, it simmers the water, causing gentle agitation that removes the gunk from the coils.

When the cleaning cycle is complete, you pour out the water and start the drying cycle. The heating element evaporates the water, allowing you to use your cleaned coils immediately instead of leaving them out overnight to dry.

The full cleaning and drying cycle takes about 30 minutes.

ROBO2020 Coil Cleaner: Notable Features

The most notable thing about the ROBO2020 is the fact that, unlike the vast majority of vaping products – and electronics in general – it’s made in the United States. It’s incredibly rare to find any vaping hardware that isn’t made in China, and the ROBO2020 deserves a look based on that feature alone.

The ROBO2020 coil cleaner comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty. It is returnable if you aren’t happy with its performance. It’s not just for pre-built vape coils; you can also use it to clean RBA coils and decks as well as coils for herbal extracts. You can also use it to clean the small coils for pod systems with removable coils.

What’s the Point of Cleaning Your Vape Coils?

If you’ve never cleaned your vape coils before, you probably didn’t bother because of the work involved. Without agitation, the water won’t cut through the coil gunk – and if the cleaning process doesn’t remove the gunk, there’s no point in doing it. Well, the ROBO2020 solves that problem by doing the work for you in just 30 minutes.

What’s the point?

  • Pre-built vape coils are, for most people, the best way to vape. A pre-built coil gives you better performance than a basic RBA coil while being far quicker to set up. The problem with pre-built coils, though, is that they’re very expensive. If you’re using a new coil every day, e-liquid isn’t your biggest vaping expense – it’s coils. Anything that makes your coils last longer will significantly reduce the amount of money you pay to vape.
  • For the most part, there’s nothing wrong with your gunky coils; they’re just dirty. It takes a long time for metal fatigue to set in, and the cotton wick can last indefinitely as long as you don’t burn it. If you remove the gunk, you’ll have a coil that’s still essentially new.

People are starting to see that there’s also value in cleaning new coils before using them for the first time. Vape coils are produced in very high volumes, and the manufacturers don’t necessarily expend a lot of effort in ensuring that the coils are free of machine grease and other contaminations such as pesticide residue on the cotton. What many people think of as a new coil’s “break-in period” is actually just the act of using e-liquid to wash those contaminations off of the coil. When you break a coil in by using it, you’re not just putting up with suboptimal flavor for the first few fill-ups; you’re also inhaling any contaminations that manage to make their way into your e-liquid. The ROBO2020 can eliminate the break-in period and give you perfect flavor from the beginning with a new coil.

Is the ROBO2020 Coil Cleaner Worth Buying?

Being purpose-built for cleaning vape gear, the ROBO2020 coil cleaner represents a great option compared to the alternatives. One alternative is cleaning your coils manually, but you’ll see mixed results with that method because the water can’t do anything unless you provide agitation; not everyone has the patience to agitate a bowl of vape coils all day.

The alternative to manual coil cleaning is buying an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and using that to clean your coils. With an ultrasonic cleaner, though, you don’t get the assistance of heat, and you don’t get a drying cycle. After cleaning your coils, you’ll need to leave them out all day to air dry. It’s all over in 30 minutes.

So, compared to the coil cleaning solutions currently available, the ROBO2020 is easier, faster and more effective. In addition, it has another feature that you’re not going to find in an ultrasonic cleaner in that it’s made in the United States. If you’d like to make your vape coils last longer, the ROBO2020 seems like a no-brainer to us.