Sweet almond is one of the world’s most seductive scents. It’s used heavily in perfumes, and it’s the component that gives marzipan its incredible flavor. In e-liquid, though, sweet almond is tragically underused. It’s a key component of Charlie Noble’s famous Tripoli e-liquid. Otherwise, though, almond e-liquids aren’t easy to find. With the recent release of the new Nilla Almond Milk e-liquid, Liquid Labs — the maker of the Keep It 100 e-liquid brand — is out to change that.

Nilla Almond Milk by Keep It 100: Review

At this point, it might be difficult for many people to remember what the vaping industry was like before brands like Keep It 100 came along. Before then, companies got away with charging some pretty obscene prices for e-liquids — upwards of $1.00 per ml. People paid the high prices because — with the low-output vaping devices of the day — expensive e-liquid still cost less than tobacco cigarettes. That started to change when sub-ohm vaping became a thing. With today’s vaping devices, you’ll consume 1 ml of e-liquid in just a few puffs. Paying high e-liquid prices with modern vaping devices just isn’t sustainable. Keep It 100 earned fame as one of the first e-liquid brands to offer large bottles at low prices. The reasonable price point and wide distribution helped to make Keep It 100 one of America’s most successful e-liquid brands.

Nilla Almond Milk is a very sweet e-liquid with prominent notes of dairy milk, vanilla and sweet almond. Like so many other modern e-liquids, the sweetness makes this one a coil killer — so it’s best in an RDA unless you’re not sensitive to the burned sugar flavor that is the hallmark of coil gunk. The vapor production — as you’d expect with a high-VG e-liquid — is excellent.

Nilla Almond Milk by Keep It 100: Conclusion

Overall, we’d call Nilla Almond Milk by Keep It 100 a success. The almond note is very noticeable, although it isn’t quite as prominent as the sweet vanilla/cream base note. If you’ve ever had one of those sweetened almond milk beverages that taste almost more like milkshakes than almond milk, that’s about the flavor profile that Keep It 100 has captured with Nilla Almond Milk. We wouldn’t have minded something with more of a prominent almond note. If you’re looking for a milkshake flavor profile with nutty overtones, you’ll find much to love here.