Elf Bar Vapes Review

The new BC disposable vape line from Elf Bar Vapes offers vapers a long-lasting disposable vape device prefilled with flavorful nic salt vape juice. Both of the new Elf Bar disposable vape models are charged via USB-C charging cable and are among some of the longest-lasting and highest quality disposable vapes on the market today. The BC3500 Elf Bar vape contains a 10.5 mL prefilled vape tank and the BC5000 Elf Bar contains a 13mL prefilled vape tank. When paired with the rechargeable battery, it allows vapers to typically get at least a week’s worth of vaping out of a single device.

The special rectangular shape of the Elf Bar rechargeable vapes contains a 650 mAh battery that should get most vapers a full day of vaping. The ergonomic shape of the Elf Bar BC rechargeable vapes fits easily in your hand and their wide mouthpiece provides a smooth hit in every puff. The nic salt vape juice in all Elf Bar disposable vapes are 50mg nicotine strength for vapers looking for a strong nicotine hit.

It is important to note that even though the Elf Bar rechargeable disposables are rechargeable via USB-C charging cable, these disposables do not come with a charger.

Best Elf Bar Flavors

Top selling flavors in the Elf Bar BC5000 line include the Peach Mango Watermelon flavor and the Watermelon Ice flavor. Watermelon Ice is a top seller in many disposable lines while the Peach Mango Watermelon perfectly fuses all 3 sweet fruit flavors into one great vape.

Two unique flavors that are also favorites include the Lemon Mint and Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavors. The Lemon Mint provides a tart, citrus lemon base and adds a refreshing mint on exhale. The Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavor is an exotic vape flavor that mixes sweet and sour flavors for a well-balanced tropical fruit blend.

Elf Bar Rechargeable Vapes Grade

Most interested vapers are wondering whether this new Elf Bar line is worth the price tag. The answer is a resounding “Yes!”. The BC3500 and BC5000 Elf Bar Vapes are a great substitute for anyone using disposable vapes because of their extended battery life and refreshing vape flavors. One issue with this new disposable vape line is that it does not come with the necessary charging equipment. Be sure to have a USB-C charging cable handy after purchasing the Elf Bar vapes so you can get the most out of each vape.

Author: Jack Keenan

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  1. I just purchased one of these. I’ve had it 5 days, full of flavor, strawberry mango.. very delicious. Only had to charge it once so far. Doesn’t taste like it’s going to run out anytime soon. It was only $21 with tax! Great disposable so far! I will be purchasing again. Thank you for the review!

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  2. These are some of the best disposables ever, and believe me I have tried MANY. The flavor is insane and they last me (a pretty heavy vaper) 2-3 weeks. Would recommend them to beginners or pros.

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  3. Bought one two days ago, went to charge it and want charge no light comes on

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