When it comes to vape pod systems that are refillable, new and sleek, several amazing options are possible. In fact, the realm of vape pods and mods only continues to grow, as more and more people become intrigued and interested in this exciting project. Who know what the market might look like in the years to come.

But, speculating about the future does us no good in the present. Instead, we should focus on the vape pod systems that we know will be excellent right here in 2021. These include top products from well-known brands within the industry, such as Nord, Uwell, Voopoo and more. However, before we can get into the most exciting and worthwhile products from these brands, we must first establish a few things.

For starters, our list of the best refillable vape pod systems is a little subjective. These products all hold a special place in our hearts, specifically, but the quality, craftsmanship and feel of them will be an enjoyable and unforgettable experience for most people willing to give them a try. With that in mind, let’s get into the best refillable vape pods around!

The Best Refillable Vape Pods

Lost Vape QUEST Orion Q 17W

One of the most evocative things about this vape pod system, in particular, is the proprietary chipset with a massive 40W max output. The power behind this chipset allows for the 950 mAh internal battery to do its job to the utmost of its capabilities, ensuring you have a clean, smooth and satisfying experience each and every time you pull from it.

Smoke Nord Kit

For a sleek design that just won’t quit looking like it is straight out of the future, the Nord line of vapes is made to match. It features an impressively-sized battery, coming in at 1,100 mAh capacity, and comes equipped with a unique take on coils. Two different sizes are included with the product, enabling you to choose between the benefits of massive cloud protection and an incredible MTL feel. Convenient, durable and refillable, this is a clear choice for the top vapes of the year.

Uwell Caliburn

Simple, straightforward and no frills, the Caliburn is a dual-firing vape that packs a whole lotta punch in a small, attractive package. Both button and draw activation make this a stand out among its peers, but the fact that it accepts nicotine salt e-liquid keeps it truly unique. A micro-USB charging port and smaller battery make this the perfect vape for people on the go or vaping around their home.

Voopoo Drag X Mod Pod Kit

When you want a vape that doesn’t hold anything back and pulls no punches, you want this Voopoo classic. A mix of leather and metal inspires the grip feel and robust and integrated technology inside make it instantly enjoyable. With a massive battery and fast charging capabilities you’ll never have to worry about energy or charge levels again.

Find Your Favourite Refillable Pod Today

Having a refillable pod system is one of the best ways to experience a whole host of interesting and delightful e-juice flavours. Still, for some it may be the incredible and awe-inspiring design that motivates them, which these brands also have in large amounts. Just remember, choose a product that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!