Since its inception in 2012, Jet Cigs was among the best loved e-cigarette vendors here at eCig One as well as on my own website. Jet Cigs used the small 510 form factor popularized by companies such as Blu Cigs but upped the value proposition with extremely low prices and some of the best USA-made e-liquids we’ve ever sampled in pre-filled cartridges. Unfortunately, it appears as though Jet Cigs has closed for business, as visitors to the website have seen an “under maintenance” message for the past several weeks.

Jet Cigs Closed

The Jet Cigs website appears to have been taken down permanently.

We have reached out to Jet Cigs for comment and will update this article if anything is heard from them. In further investigation we have also noted that that the Jet Cigs Facebook and Twitter pages haven’t been updated since 2014 and 2013, respectively. A search for recent news articles posted about Jet Cigs turned up no results.

Speaking as an e-cigarette owner, I am saddened by the potential loss of one of my favorite entry-level e-cigarettes — especially in light of the fact that the most popular e-cigarettes at brick-and-mortar locations still come with e-liquids made in China. Jet Cigs’ prices were top notch and the flavor selection was unusually creative and fun compared to most e-cigarettes with pre-filled cartridges. I often carried a Jet Cigs e-cigarette when I left the house and didn’t feel like bringing a larger APV.

Are you or were you ever a Jet Cigs customer? Have you already upgraded to a larger personal vaporizer or have you been left in the cold by the company’s apparent demise?

Vapegrl is a freelance writer and eCig One news contributor who switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes in 2010. Vapegrl launched an e-cigarette website in 2012. is a newbie-friendly e-cigarette information resource for new and experienced e-smokers.