What You Should Know: New PMTA Rules

PMTA came as a game-changer and shook the vaping industry from the ground up.

The newest FDA protocol requires shops to sell only PMTA vape juice flavors and equipment, which got us worried about impacting the industry and shutting it down.

Since the first announcements about this new protocol, FDA changed the date of implementation a couple of times before going live on September 9, 2020.

Now, with the PMTA in place, there are a few things that we, the vapers, should know when looking for e-juices in online shops and stores.

To help you understand more about PMTA, we gathered a few key points on how it will affect us and the shops that sell these products.

Here’s what we learned and what you should know for future reference.

The Meaning of PMTA

PMTA stands for Premarket Tobacco Application, and it’s the latest FDA protocol for everything related to smoking and vaping.

The FDA finally put in motion a bill that will regulate all vaping products and give their approval only for those safe to use.

Online shops that avoided even going through the lab testing will now have to get both PMTA for each product and tests from the lab that proves everything is legit.

Vape shops in the US are now obligated to get PMTA for each product to get the FDA’s approval for further distribution. Every e-juice in their offer must go through this process to be legal in the US.

The Costs of PMTA

Here’s the thing that got us all worried about our favorite thing in the world. We could never expect that such a protocol will cost a staggering amount of money.

The cost for a single PMTA goes from $117,000 up to $466,000 for each vape juice. Let that sink in for a moment.

People that enjoy vaping have all the right reasons to worry about their favorite thing that might end any time soon. Such an amount of money is hard to earn by many shops, and it was hard to believe that the industry will survive such a blow.

However, we’re still here to write about it, which means that it’s not all bad news ahead of us.

Is the Industry Shutting Down?

Luckily, the vape industry is still alive and well. Not all the worries we had about losing our favorite past-time hobby came to effect, and we can rest assured that we will still vape our favorite e-juices.

Unfortunately, some miner shops couldn’t afford to pay such an amount of money to pass all FDA standards and had to close their business.

However, serious shops found ways to pay for PMTA and keep the business up and running. Some shops conspired with the e-juice manufacturers to co-sponsor PMTA and get all the necessary licenses to sell their products in the future.

Humankind is not ready to give up on vaping that easily, and we will always find a way to continue doing what we love the most.

You Can Still Vape DIY E-Juices

If you’re one of those vapers that love mixing up their e-juices at home, you shouldn’t worry about the latest FDA protocol.

PMTA’s only apply to the products that you’re trying to sell to others. If you’re making e-juices for your usage, there’s no need to pay a ridiculous amount of cash to do so.

Shops will have to get all the necessary licenses to sell DIY kits to you, and you don’t need to worry you would do anything illegal.

However, if a shop is mixing up their e-juices, they will have to go through with the PMTA rules to sell it legally in the states.

Are the Prices Going Up?

Since the PMTA went live on September 9, 2020, there were no significant rises in the prices of e-juices in general.

A side effect of PMTA’s that we could expect to happen for sure in the future, up to this day, doesn’t show any signs of happening. The products still maintain their regular prices even after facing huge costs to get approved by the FDA.

We can’t say for sure what the future holds in store for e-juice prices, but it’s encouraging to see that prices are stagnating at this point.


Here are a few points on the latest FDA protocol that we feared about when it comes to vaping e-juices.

We can conclude that, even with such hype around the whole thing, we can stay relaxed and not worry about losing our favorite relaxation method any time in the future.

The industry is alive and well and still provides us with some of the best products money can buy.

Avoid buying e-juices without PMTA and support the shops that spent a ridiculous amount of cash to make it legal for your sake.

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