In a world in the grips of a pandemic, many industries are facing dire consequences as demand disappears overnight and they are left facing uncertainty over when it might return. But the vape industry and especially those businesses that operate online, are set to buck the trend as smokers turn to vaping during periods of lockdown and social distancing.

Information from global search trends, coupled with feedback from online vape stores shows that more and more people are either turning to vaping after lockdown, or coming online where they previously bought through physical stores.

The UK, which locked down stores and movement on March 23rd has seen a huge spike in searches for vape related keywords and online eliquid providers are seeing huge surges in demand. As smokers turn to vaping, and existing vapers look for online solutions to their vaping needs.

COVID-19 Vaping Industry 1

COVID-19 Vaping Industry 2

And the same trend continues in the US as the pandemic and its implications reached its shores. Searches for ‘online vape shop’ reached a never before seen level as vapers can no longer source their eliquid on the high street.

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A pivotal moment for the online vape industry?

There is going to be a lot of change in the world once the current pandemic passes. And maybe it signals a step change for the vaping industry. As lockdown forces vapers to look online, and find out how easy and convenient ordering their eliquid can be, the online vape stores could be seeing a pivotal moment.

For many buying their eliquid or e-cigarettes online for the first time, their initial experience will determine their future desire to do so again. Thousands of vapers will be ordering online for the first time, and if they find it just as easy and satisfying as buying from a physical store, they will continue after restrictions are eased.

Key for online vaping business is the customer experience offered to these new customers. Everything from the range of products on offer, the user experience of the website, the price, the delivery options and the product quality. Once vapers realise they can get premium quality vaping products online, delivered to their door with no issues, there really is no reason for them to go back.

More people turning to vaping?

But the opportunity does not just exist within the current vaping community. Major events cause people to consider their lifestyle and behaviours. Whether that’s getting fitter, learning a new skill, or giving up bad habits. And in this vein the data points to a trend in smokers looking for alternatives to help them kick their tobacco habits.

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Those looking for help quitting smoking in April have reached levels usually reserved for the New Year Resolution periods. And whilst might be looking to turn their back for good, a large number will turn to vaping as an alternative to their current habits.

COVID-19 is undoubtedly going to leave a legacy on a lot of industries. For the vaping industry it could well be a pivotal point in its continued growth.