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VaporFi Coupon CodeVaporFi is one of the Internet’s hottest new e-cigarette stores, with a lineup featuring some of the most unique e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers we’ve ever seen. If you’re thinking about buying from this company, don’t check out yet because our VaporFi coupon code can help you save 12 percent on your purchase. With a discount this large, our coupon might pay your shipping expenses, or even allow you to buy an e-cigarette that you wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.


VaporFi Coupon Code: 12% Off

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NOTE: The VaporFi website doesn’t allow manual coupon code entry. Our VaporFi coupon code is automatic and works only when you click the link. The discount will appear in your shopping cart when checking out.

Restrictions: One-time use per customer only. 

VaporFi Coupon Code: 12% Off

When shopping at the VaporFi website, one thing you’re likely to notice is that the company carries quite a few e-cigarette models that you haven’t seen elsewhere. VaporFi has impressed us with their efforts to differentiate their brand by putting together a product lineup that sets them apart from the competition as greatly as possible.

If you’re on a tight budget, you should look no further than the VaporFi Pro 3 kit when considering your first purchase. Using our VaporFi coupon code, this kit costs just $43.99. We love this little e-cigarette not only for its tiny yet powerful design, but also for the fact that its easy-fill tank is ideal for mouth-to-lung inhaling — which makes the VaporFi Pro 3 ideal for people new to e-cigarettes. The tall coils feature plenty of wick holes to ensure that the coil always stays wet, eliminating the “dry hits” that are so common with other e-cigarettes. We also love the fact the kit includes your first two atomizer coils, which should last up to two months before you’ll need to purchase more. Replacement atomizers cost only $17.99 per five-pack. Maximize your discount by picking up a box or two of extra coils before you check out!

VaporFi Coupon Code Pro 3

Not sure which product to buy with our VaporFi discount? We suggest the Pro 3 kit if you’re new to e-cigarettes.

How to Use Our VaporFi Coupon Code

How to Use VaporFi Coupon Code

Checkout page confirming active VaporFi coupon code

Our VaporFi coupon code is completely automatic. To activate it, simply click any of the links in this article. Upon clicking the link, you’ll see a message confirming the activation of your discount. After adding products to your shopping cart, you’ll begin the checkout process. Create a VaporFi account by entering your name and email address along with your desired password. After creating your account, you’ll see a “Summary” screen like the one shown to the right. Look for “DISCOUNT (12% OFF)” in the summary to confirm that the VaporFi coupon code is activated.

As stated at the top of the article, the VaporFi coupon code is good for a single-time use per customer. As such, we highly recommend stocking up to maximize your discount. Depending on the device that you decide to buy from VaporFi, you may find some extra coils, batteries or drip tips highly useful.

Best VaporFi Discounts for Advanced Vaping in 2016

VaporFi Coupon Code Rebel 3Of course, VaporFi has more advanced options for experienced e-smokers as well. If you’re looking for an upgrade path from your starter e-cigarette, take a peek at the VaporFi Rebel 3. This kit — $105.59 with our VaporFi Coupon Code — is both extremely pocketable and significantly more powerful than virtually any other e-cigarette in its size and price range. Having a wide body enables the Rebel 3 to hold a massive 3,000 mAh battery cell. Coupled with a huge 5.8 ml tank and 0.5 ohm atomizer, the Rebel 3 is ready to pump out huge vapor clouds all day with no fuss.


vex-150-vaporfi-coupon-codeIf you’re looking for the VaporFi product that gives you absolutely everything possible in a single package, look no further than the VaporFi VEX 150 TC. This wonderful zinc alloy box mod supports both standard coils and temperature control coils, and its lithium-polymer battery delivers power to the coil with some of the fastest response times we’ve ever seen. Moreover, we’ve never seen another e-cigarette that looks anywhere near as nice as the lovely VEX 150 TC. With our coupon, you’ll spend just $175.19 for the full VEX 150 TC kit, which includes one of two sub-ohm tanks or a rebuildable atomizer.


vaporfi-discount-code-vaioIs the VEX 150 TC a little rich for your blood? Don’t worry, VaporFi has a brand new line of six box mods that start at just $70.39 with our coupon code. VaporFi’s series of box mods ranges in power from 40 to 150 watts and comes in three general designs. You can choose a mod with a built-in battery or a removable battery. One mod in VaporFi’s box mod series — the Vaio — even has a built-in tank. You can add your e-liquid directly into the body of the mod, then top it off with a mouthpiece! You can see a picture of the VaporFi Vaio mod to the right. The Vaio series starts at $114.39 with our coupon.

Best VaporFi Coupon Code for Beginner Vaping in 2016

vaporfi-coupon-code-rocket-3Are you new to vaping? Never fear. VaporFi has some great options for beginning vapers, too. In addition to the VaporFi Pro 3 mentioned above, we really like the VaporFi Rocket 3. The Rocket 3 actually looks quite a bit like the Pro 3. It even has the same top filling design that’s become so popular with e-cigarette users because of its convenience and leak reduction. The VaporFi Rocket 3 gives you some room to grow, though, because it has adjustable power levels. Tap the button three times to toggle the VaporFi Rocket 3 between 30, 40 and 50 watts. You can even put a nickel atomizer into the tank to enable temperature control mode. The Rocket 3 is perhaps the smallest e-cigarette on the market that operates at such high power levels and has temperature control support — we love it.

Save More Money With VaporFi Clearance E-Cigarettes

If you’re the type who doesn’t mind getting last year’s model to save a few dollars, you should take a look at the VaporFi clearance section. VaporFi’s selection of clearance items is constantly changing. At the time of writing, though, you can pick up a great deal on the VaporFi Vice, a tiny sub-ohm vape pen with wide open airflow and the capacity to create huge vapor clouds. With our VaporFi coupon code, it’s just $65.99. That’s right — you can apply our coupon code to VaporFi clearance items!

In the box mod section, we recommend taking a look at the VaporFi VOX Mini. It’s so small that you’ll feel like you’ve got nothing in your pocket when you carry it around, and yet, it has a maximum power level of 40 watts! The VOX Mini has an internal battery that charges with a USB cable, so there’s no need to worry about swapping batteries as you use it. Though the VOX Mini is tiny, it has a battery capacity of 2,500 mAh — so you’ll get ample vaping time out of it. The VOX Mini is really a terrific little powerhouse of an e-cigarette.

Other VaporFi Discounts and Deals

If you’d like to save some money on VaporFi e-liquids, there are two interesting ways for you to do so. The first is on VaporFi’s bundle page. If you’re the type who goes through a lot of e-liquid, you’ll definitely appreciate this. On VaporFi’s bundle page, you can find discounts for purchasing several bottles at once. Take VaporFi’s new Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream e-liquid, for example. Individual 30 ml bottles cost $17.99 each. If you buy four bottles, though, it costs just $63.99. That’s a savings of $2.00 per bottle. VaporFi always has several e-liquid bundles available, so definitely take a look if you’d like to stock up on a favorite flavor.

The other interesting e-liquid deal is the VaporFi Home Delivery Program. Through the Home Delivery Program, you can mix and match whatever e-liquids you like — no need to purchase a pre-configured bundle. You’ll have whatever e-liquids you like delivered as often as you want, and you’ll get a 10 percent discount on all of them. VaporFi also has private sales periodically, held exclusively for Home Delivery Program members. There’s no commitment to join the Home Delivery Program, and you can cancel any time you like.

Does VaporFi Ever Have Sales?

VaporFi does have holiday sales and flash sales throughout the year. The best way to find out about them is to visit the VaporFi website and click the “Deals” link at the top of the page. You’ll get an email every time VaporFi as a sale — except during the private sales that are only available to VaporFi Home Delivery members. Note that VaporFi’s sales often do not stack with our VaporFi coupon code. In other words, if the sale is for 10 percent off all products, you may want to wait because the deal won’t be quite as good as it would be with our 12 percent discount.

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  3. My son and I, have been using your logic ecigs for 5 years. Either of us have had explosions or fires. Thank God. However, when first buying them, they were $10.68 for 5 carriages. But now they are $12.83. But tat doesn’t even present the problem. Our problem is simple the taste. With a fully charged cartomizer, one cartridge could go for 2.5 days before you have to Richard cartomiser and put in a new cartage. Now we buy 3 cartridges for $12.83 and at least 1 or sometimes 2 have that ugly, finished, taste from the moment you put it in a fully charged cartomiser. This is making us compare other logic using people and they are saying the same . This is not only money matter, but all the stores around here are selling these stale horrible taste. When we have our coffee in the morning, and our cartomizer is fully charged with a new cartridge we expect to get the results we paid for. We only use logic brand 2.4 or 2.7. I truly think we should be compensated for all the carteges we threw away. Either coupons or carriages will do .Thank you.

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