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eCig One is happy to provide our readers with a Vapor Couture coupon code allowing you to save up to 15 percent on your purchase. If you haven’t tried the world’s first e-cigarette designed for the fashion-conscious woman, why don’t you save a few dollars while you’re at it? When you click one of the buttons below, the coupon code will be revealed and the Vapor Couture website will automatically open in a new tab. No website offers a larger Vapor Couture discount!

Vapor Couture Coupon: 15% Off

Take 15% off any Vapor Couture order including a starter kit. Offer is valid on Vapor Couture and V2 Cigs products. Excludes V2 Pro.
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Vapor Couture Coupon: 10% Off

Take 10% off any order from Vapor Couture. Order does not need to include a starter kit. Offer is valid on Vapor Couture and V2 Cigs products. Excludes V2 Pro.
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Vapor Couture Coupon Benefits

As we mentioned in our Vapor Couture review, the brand has undergone some significant retooling in the past year. Vapor Couture’s new smartphone clutch features a stylish¬†all-leather design and boasts sufficient room for two batteries, four extra refill cartridges, a USB charger, credit cards, a mirror and a smartphone. If you prefer something even smaller, Vapor Couture finally features the same amazing portable battery charger included with the V2 Cigs e-cigarette. This sleek charger recharges a dead battery several times and its slim slide-out design resembles something that a lifestyle company such as Apple might produce. If you like, you can even carry the Vapor Couture charging pack inside the leather clutch instead of your smartphone.

Vapor Couture Coupon CodeThe one thing that Vapor Couture isn’t, though, is cheap — and that’s where our Vapor Couture coupon comes in. We love the Vapor Couture Maximale Kit, which includes three batteries, 20 refill cartridges and all of the charging accessories you could need along with a beautiful lanyard, the portable battery charging case and the leather smartphone clutch. The problem? This kit costs $199.95 at the time of writing. Use our Vapor Couture coupon and you’ll pay $169.95 instead. You’ll also get access to all of the benefits that owners of the classic V2 Cigs e-cigarette enjoy, including the ability to instantly retrieve the quality control report for every box of refill cartridges you purchase.

If you’d like to spend a lot less on Vapor Couture and don’t think you’ll need the battery charging case or smartphone clutch, take a look at the Vapor Couture Entree Kit instead. Using our Vapor Couture coupon, this kit costs $33.95 instead of the regular $39.95. Included in the kit, you’ll find a single rechargeable battery with USB charger, five refill cartridges in your choice of three different flavors and one disposable Vapor Couture e-cigarette. The disposable e-cigarette is an ideal smoking solution for situations when you’d prefer not to carry a USB charger or extra cartridges, such as a night on the town or late office meeting.

Although our 15 percent discount Vapor Couture coupon is only good on orders including starter kits, you can still enjoy a 10 percent discount when you return to the Vapor Couture website to stock up on refill cartridges. Our 10 percent discount coupon is good on all Vapor Couture orders, regardless of whether they include a starter kit or not. Regardless of the product you choose, remember that your Vapor Couture e-cigarette includes a 30 day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. All orders over $50 ship for free within the United States. Enjoy!

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