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Thanks for visiting! Vaping Vamps is no longer in business. Please take a look at our ultimate e-cigarette buyer’s guide instead.

If you’re searching the Internet for a Vaping Vamps coupon, we’ve got you covered. eCig One is proud to give you a discount which can allow you to save $5.00 on the purchase of any Vaping Vamps starter kit. Vaping Vamps is unique among e-cigarette brands in that it isn’t just an e-cigarette marketed toward women — it’s also a female-owned company. In fact, Vaping Vamps claims to donate a portion of its products to charities that support women.

Vaping Vamps Coupon: Save 5 Dollars

When you visit the Vamping Vamps website, the first thing you’ll notice is that it is designed specifically with the newbie in mind. Only two starter kits are available: the Deluxe Starter Kit and the Try Me Kit. The Deluxe Kit is priced roughly double that of its little sister, at $49.95 ($44.95 with our Vaping Vamps coupon). It ships free anywhere in the United States and Canada, and inside its stylish gift box includes two batteries, five pre-filled cartridges, a USB charger and a wall charger. The cartridges come in any of Vaping Vamps’ five women-approved flavors: Caroline, Mint Julie, Caramella, Tia Berry and Mango Lola. If you aren’t sure which nicotine strength you should use, take a look at the Tri-Level Kit; this kit includes cartridges in all three of Vaping Vamps’ nicotine strengths, allowing you to make the transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes as easy as possible.

Vaping Vamps Coupon CodeOf course, Vaping Vamps also has you covered if you’d like to spend a little less on an e-cigarette kit. How does under $20.00 sound? The Vaping Vamps Try Me Kit costs $24.95, or $19.95 after you apply our Vaping Vamps coupon. Like its big sister, it ships for free. The Try Me Kit includes one battery rather than two, along with two cartridges in the flavor and nicotine strength of your choice and a USB charger.

As you would expect from an e-cigarette company that wants to compete with the mainstream brands, Vaping Vamps has a liberal warranty policy designed to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. The Vaping Vamps satisfaction guarantee works as follows. If you return your e-cigarette kit within 30 days of purchase and have only opened one cartomizer, you are eligible to receive a full refund. If anything is found to be wrong with the kit, Vaping Vamps will even reimburse your shipping cost. If you’re returning the kit simply because you don’t like it, you’ll need to pay shipping.

Regardless of the kit that you decide to buy from Vaping Vamps, we hope you’ll make use of our Vaping Vamps coupon. Depending on the kit that you buy, the coupon will deduct as much as 20 percent off of the purchase price — and, unlike many other e-cigarette companies, Vaping Vamps ships all starter kits for free regardless of the order total. Between that and the fact that Vaping Vamps donates a portion of its earnings to women’s causes, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying them out. We hope your switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes will be a long and enjoyable one!

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