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South Beach Smoke Coupon CodeWith a history that extends all the way back to 2010, South Beach Smoke is one of the most popular and longest-lived e-cigarette companies in the United States. South Beach Smoke has maintained its popularity by keeping up with the times. Over the years, the company has instituted better warranty policies, moved its e-liquid production from China to the United States, and lowered its prices. The end result is that South Beach Smoke is a better e-cigarette brand today than it has ever been in the past — and you can save even more on your first purchase with our South Beach Smoke coupon code.


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South Beach Smoke Coupon Code: 15% Off Your First Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke has e-cigarette starter kits to fit any budget, starting with the Express Kit which costs just $18.69 when our South Beach Smoke coupon code is applied. The South Beach Smoke Express Kit includes one battery, a USB charger and two refill cartridges in either Tobacco or Menthol flavors. The Express Kit represents a terrific way to introduce yourself to e-cigarettes, because unlike the experience you’d have with a disposable e-cigarette, you can actually keep the battery and make it part of your permanent vaping arsenal.

How Much Money Can I Save With a South Beach Smoke Coupon Code?

As we mentioned above, South Beach Smoke starter kits are priced from just $18.69 and up when our coupon code is used. However, buying one of the more advanced starter kits is a great way to increase your supply of batteries and extra refill cartridges. For example, the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Plus Starter Kit costs $50.99 with our coupon code and includes two batteries, extra wall and car chargers and ten total refill cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength. Not sure which nicotine strength to choose? If you’re currently a full-time smoker and want to switch full-time to e-cigarettes, we suggest the 24 mg strength unless you smoke “ultra light” cigarettes. In that case, you may want to try a lower nicotine strength.

The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit ups the value proposition further by including a portable battery charging case, a hard carrying case and 20 refill cartridges. This kit costs just $93.49 with our coupon code and represents the ideal way to get started with e-cigarettes.

South Beach Smoke Coupon Discount

If you’ve read anything about e-cigarettes before visiting this website, you probably already know that larger personal vaporizers are all the rage these days. These devices have much larger batteries than standard e-cigarettes, giving them the ability to last longer and generate even larger vapor clouds. South Beach Smoke’s Custom Vaporizer Builder gives the ability to design the vaping setup of your choice, complete with your preferred battery style and color and a high-capacity e-liquid tank.

If you like South Beach Smoke’s e-liquids, don’t forget to sign up for the company’s Home Delivery plan. With the Home Delivery plan, you can have a supply of e-liquid or cartridges delivered automatically each month at a reduced price. Cancel any time you like.

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