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Thanks for visiting! Jet Cigs is no longer in business. Please take a look at our current guide to buying the best e-cigarettes.

Although Jet Cigs already has some of the most affordable e-cigarette prices on the market, eCig One is pleased to announce that you can save a bit more with our Jet Cigs coupon. Jet Cigs cartridges are fully compatible with Blu batteries, and better yet, they’re filled with 100 percent USA-made e-liquid. Unlike most companies’ starter kits, every starter kit from Jet Cigs includes two batteries rather than one — and each battery is good for 100 or more puffs between charges.

Save Money With Our Jet Cigs Coupon

Jet Cigs is one of the newer e-cigarette companies to enter the marketplace; the company earned a reputation early on as an attractive alternative for people who were considering purchasing a Blu Cigs e-cigarette but were concerned about the high cost of Blu. We discuss this in our Jet Cigs review. To simply call Jet Cigs a “poor man’s Blu,” though, would be a disservice. Throughout their history, Jet Cigs has consistently impressed us with their attention to detail and thoughtful expression of flavors.

Jet Cigs Coupon CodeTo minimize the potential confusion that an overly large product lineup can cause, Jet Cigs offers just one starter kit: the Express Starter Kit for $29.99 (23.99 with our Jet Cigs coupon). As mentioned above, this starter kit includes two batteries. It also includes a USB battery charger and two refill cartridges in the Perique Tobacco and Mojito Mint flavors. The Perique Tobacco is one of our absolute favorites from Jet Cigs; if you’d like to add a few packs of cartridges to get your order above the $50 minimum for free shipping, we highly recommend trying the Sweet Passion flavor. There aren’t a lot of passion fruit e-liquids on the market, and Jet Cigs’ passion fruit is delicious!

If you’d like to go with something a bit less expensive, Jet Cigs also has a disposable e-cigarette available in two flavors: Classic Tobacco and Menthol Frost. These e-cigarettes cost $7.99 after applying our coupon and contain 22 mg per ml of liquid nicotine — about the same as a pack of cigarettes. In testing the Jet Cigs disposable, we loved the fact that it generated the same amount of vapor with each puff as the full-sized Jet Cigs e-cigarette. If you aren’t ready to commit to e-cigarettes and simply want to give vaping a try, the Jet Cigs disposable is one of the few solutions on the market that uses e-liquid sourced from a laboratory in the United States rather than China.

Whether you purchase a disposable e-cigarette or the full Express Starter Kit, you can rest assured that our Jet Cigs coupon will give you the lowest discount possible and that Jet Cigs guarantees¬†your e-cigarette components will work as they should. As the Jet Cigs FAQ explains, all Jet Cigs products with the exception of cartomizers are covered by a one year limited warranty. On the last page of the Jet Cigs user manual, you’ll find the address used for warranty fulfillment — no need to contact customer service or obtain an RMA. Simply package the defective battery or charger securely and mail it with insurance to the address given in the manual. Jet Cigs will replace the part promptly.

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