Guest post by South Beach Smoke. Thinking about making the switch to vaping? South Beach Smoke e-cigarette kits start at just $19.99. Each kit includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

South Beach Smoke has stood as one of the oldest brands in the e-cigarette market, and the brand’s lasting strength can be attributed to their dedication to consistent, persistent innovation.

To stay in the game, it takes a lot of effort and constant reimagining of the market, along with understanding your customers and where they are headed. Along these lines, current happenings at South Beach Smoke have been pretty awesome. While the brand started out carrying just their own line of e-cigarette products, over the years, they have evolved to offering a wide array of items in their very large inventory of vape products.

All the Latest Products Can be Found at!

Currently, the selection at South Beach Smoke rivals that of any major online vape retailer; they offer products in just about every major vape category on the market. They’ve also maintained some of the cheapest vape gear prices anywhere. They make it a priority to carry the highest quality gear, along with the most sought-after products to ensure customers are getting just what they want. All the latest products and vape innovations can be found in South Beach Smoke’s catalog; ranging from some of the most exciting pod vape systems, to a wide array of very interesting mods, to the South Beach Smoke Power Cig; the selection is not only diverse and inclusive, but also quite intriguing!

Vape Juices

VaporFi E-Liquid South Beach Smoke

To further up the offerings, South Beach Smoke also offers a huge selection of e-liquids through VaporFi, enabling customers to purchase these as well. Directly from South Beach Smoke, you can order dozens upon dozens of liquid flavors, and you also have the option to custom blend juices as well, if you’re after a more personalized taste. This is such a great aspect because who doesn’t need more vape juice in their life? And VaporFi liquids are not run-of-the-mill by any means; these are among the highest quality liquids on the market anywhere in the world, offering exceptional performance and fantastic experiences.

The SMOK Fit Ultra Portable Vape Starter Kit

SMOK Fit South Beach Smoke

Among the excellent products South Beach Smoke currently offers, one of the top-selling new products in their lineup is the SMOK Fit Ultra Portable Starter Kit. As a SMOK product, you can expect the performance to be exceptional, and the quality overall to be phenomenal. Pod mod systems have popped up all over the vape world, and there is a perfectly solid reason why: They are amazing. Pods give you super usability with total convenience, with more power than the average e-cig.

The SMOK Fit Ultra Portable vape starter kit is similar in design and performance to traditional cigarettes, with its own distinctions that make it highly enjoyable and very easy to acclimate to. For beginners, it just doesn’t get any better than this, which makes it the ideal product for those trying to switch to vaping from smoking.

More About the SMOK Fit

Here is a little more about this incredible vape setup: the SMOK Fit Ultra Portable starter kit is centered around a really unique, really versatile vape pen-style pod system. So with it, you get a pod setup within the slim, slender, easy to handle design of a vape pen; talk about amazing design! As a result of its style, the Fit is highly portable, so you can bring it and use it just about anywhere. The pod aspect is also super simple to master. Each pod holds 2ml of vape juice, which is ample in terms of pods, and the kit includes 2 additional pods for added versatility. With its 250 mAh battery, the Fit fires up to 16 watts. Charging is done via micro USB, which offers added simplicity to keep things even more user-friendly. Additionally, a range of safety features have been included, such as an 8-second shut off, low voltage protection, and short circuit protection.


South Beach Smoke is a long-standing, awesome option for scoring everything you could possibly need for your vape life. The selection is great, they are dedicated to stocking only the best quality products, and you can be sure they always have an excellent assortment of new, innovative products hitting the site regularly. From offering a huge catalog of liquids, to stocking all the latest mods, vape pens, and accessories, along with South Beach Smoke brand products, this time-honored name is the ultimate one-stop-shop for all vapor products.