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With retail shelf placement at some of the best-known stores in the United States, NJOY has an enviable position near the top of the e-cigarette company pecking order. NJOY formed nearly as soon as e-cigarettes hit the market in the United States and quickly put its advertising dollars to work in catapulting itself into the consciousness of the country’s smokers. If you tried an e-cigarette in the late 2000s, there’s a good chance that it was an NJOY. Since that time, the company has worked hard to remain relevant by making changes such as lowering prices and developing exclusive new technologies. In all, an estimated 70,000 stores in the United States carry NJOY e-cigarettes.

NJOY Company Profile Convenience Vaping

NJOY Convenience Vaping System

NJOY Company Information

  • Website:
  • Address: 15211 N. Kierland Blvd Suite 200, Scottsdale, Arizona 85254
  • Telephone: 1-888-669-6569 or 1-480-305-7950 for customers outside USA
  • Email:

NJOY E-Cigarettes

  • NJOY Kings ($29.95 for 5, quantity discount): Smaller disposable e-cigarette with soft “filter” tip. Available in Bold, Gold and Menthol flavors.
  • NJOY Daily ($5.99, quantity discount): Modernized disposable e-cigarette with improved battery management and vapor production, redesigned flavors and lactic acid for extra throat hit. Available in several flavors and two nicotine strengths.
  • NJOY Recharge ($5.99 and up): Rechargeable e-cigarette that utilizes some of the technology from the Kings disposable. Available in four flavors.
  • NJOY Daily Recharge ($34.99): Rechargeable e-cigarette that utilizes some of the technology from the Daily disposable. Available in the same flavors and nicotine strengths as the Daily.
  • NJOY Custom Vaping ($29.99 and up): eGo e-cigarette kit with refillable tanks. Compatible with any e-liquid.
  • NJOY Convenience Vaping System ($19.99 and up): eGo e-cigarette kit with large pre-filled tanks. Not compatible with other e-liquids. E-liquids contain the same throat hit enhancements as those used in the NJOY Daily and Daily Recharge.

NJOY E-Liquids

NJOY prides itself on a vertically integrated product lineup. In other words, NJOY has two product branches that begin with NJOY Kings and NJOY Daily. If you start with NJOY Kings, you’ll have a very similar experience if you upgrade to the NJOY Recharge and then to NJOY Custom Vaping. If you start with NJOY Daily, you’ll have a similar experience if you upgrade to the NJOY Daily Recharge and then to the NJOY Convenience Vaping System. Within the two product branches, the flavors and defining technologies are similar.

At the time of writing, many of the products in the NJOY Kings branch are not in stock. It is unknown whether the company intends to continue producing these older products. NJOY sells bottled versions of most e-liquids, though; if the company discontinues a product that you like, you should still be able to buy the same e-liquid in bottle form.

For advanced e-cigarette users, NJOY has a premium e-liquid line called the NJOY Artist Collection (Review). NJOY reached out to owners of well-known independent e-cigarette companies around the world to create this line of blended e-liquids.

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