What to Do When You Lose Interest in Vaping

According to a study published in 2011, e-cigarettes can be an effective way of decreasing one’s consumption of cigarettes for those unable or unwilling to quit. In many cases — such as my own — e-cigarettes can even lead to the complete elimination of tobacco usage. In some cases, though, people who switch to e-cigarettes continue to feel the lure of tobacco. Perhaps you’ve found yourself using your e-cigarette more often than usual, unable to feel fully satisfied. Maybe you’ve smelled a familiar cigar that brought back memories, or you’ve stared longingly at the cigarettes in the checkout aisle at the supermarket. You’ve lost interest in vaping, and you need something to rekindle it before you backslide. If vaping has begun to grow boring or stale for you, here are some tricks that might help.

Try Sub-Ohm Vaping

This was the change that really cured my vaping boredom. In my case, I picked the VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank. It’s a product that was given to me for review purposes, and I quickly fell in love with it. Even at low voltage/wattage settings, a sub-ohm coil dramatically changes the taste of your e-liquid — not to mention the amount of vapor produced. If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest trends in e-cigarettes and accessories, you might be under the impression that sub-ohm vaping requires you to build your own coils. In fact, the sub-ohm coils of the Volt Tank are pre-built and available in packs of five, which means that replacing them is much the same as with any other tank system. Sub-ohm coils don’t work with all devices. The ProVari, for example, has a low amperage limit and will not drive sub-ohm coils at all. To use a sub-ohm coil, you need a purely mechanical e-cigarette or a power-regulated mod with a high amperage limit, such as the VaporFi VOX II.

Try a New E-Liquid

It’s difficult to argue with the notion that your e-liquid might be the most important part of your vaping setup. If you find yourself growing bored with vaping, maybe you need to change something about the e-liquid you’re using. Some e-cigarette users have complained of an occasional condition that the community has dubbed “vape tongue.” The exact cause of vape tongue isn’t agreed upon by all e-cigarette users; some believe that it results from overuse of e-cigarettes, while others think it results from using so many different e-liquids that the taste buds become “confused.” Either way, the result is the same — the subtle nuances that you once tasted in your e-liquids just don’t seem to be there anymore.

People deal with vape tongue in different ways. First, make sure that you drink plenty of water while vaping. If you still feel tired of vaping and have difficulty deriving any sense of satisfaction from your e-liquids, it’s time to change things up. If you presently use many different e-liquids, choose just one favorite and use only that one for a while. Try an unflavored e-liquid such as Halo Fusion — many people have reported success in getting rid of vape tongue by using unflavored e-liquids. If you need a punchier e-liquid but don’t want to increase the nicotine strength, try an e-liquid with a natural tobacco extract.

Try Something Completely Different

There’s much more to the world of vaping than just “cig-a-likes” and mods. If you’ve already stepped up to a high-wattage mod and/or sub-ohm coil and vaping still isn’t doing it for you like it once did, try something that transforms vaping into a completely different experience. When I was going through a period of vaping boredom about two years ago, I tried an e-pipe from ePipeMods. I discovered that there is a unique pleasure derived from vaping with a device made from actual wood rather than plastic or metal. I also found that vaping through a real pipe stem caused the vapor to touch my tongue differently, triggering sensations I hadn’t experienced before. I had a similar experience the first time I tried an e-cigar. You might think of an e-cigarette or mod as little more than a power source for a heating coil. In fact, using a different device can change the e-smoking experience in subtle ways. Trying something completely new can go a long way toward relieving vaping boredom.

Simplify Your Vaping

Has your nicotine addiction turned into a shopping addiction? Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with this, it surprises me how people can smoke the same cigarette brand for 20 years, switch to e-cigarettes and suddenly feel compelled to collect and hoard every vaping device and accessory they can find. Often, this can lead to vaping boredom because new e-cigarette products are rarely revolutionary. Instead, they are just incremental improvements over previous products.

If you spend a significant amount of time each day maintaining your e-cigarette accessories or preparing them for use, you may grow tired of vaping because the routine has become stale. Repetitive tasks such as wrapping your own coils, filling cartomizers and cleaning atomizers and drip tips may feel like a comforting part of your daily routine. After a while, though, they may simply feel like work. Smoking a cigarette isn’t work; lighting up and puffing is one of the simplest things a person could possibly do — which is one of the reasons why many of us became addicted to nicotine in the first place. Sometimes, people who find themselves in this situation are able to cure their vaping boredom by reverting to a simpler method of vaping — the old-school two-piece e-cigarette with a battery and pre-filled cartomizer. There’s no shame in using a cig-a-like if that’s what works for you — regardless of what the elitists may think.

Change Your Nicotine Strength

In researching why people sometimes become tired of vaping, I found something that seems to occur commonly among a certain percentage of e-smokers: an apparent reduction in nicotine tolerance. Some people — even formerly heavy smokers — find that they have a decreased need for nicotine and gradually lower the nicotine strength of their e-liquids. Some even end up reducing their consumption to no nicotine at all. This study examining how the nicotine from e-liquid is absorbed into the bloodstream provides some explanation. While smoking a cigarette quickly leads to a spike in blood-nicotine levels, the nicotine in e-liquid is absorbed much more slowly and never reaches the same concentration. For some people, this leads to a reduced need for nicotine. For others, this may mean that the nicotine strength of the e-liquid being used isn’t nearly high enough to overcome the desire to return to smoking. Where do you fall within this spectrum? Do you need to increase the strength of your e-liquids, or have you actually reached the point where you no longer need e-cigarettes at all?

Vapegrl is a freelance writer and eCig One news contributor who switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes in 2010. Vapegrl launched an e-cigarette website in 2012. Vapegrl.com is a newbie-friendly e-cigarette information resource for new and experienced e-smokers.

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