What Is Sub-Ohming?

Sub-ohming is a unique style of vaping in which a person produces large cloud vapors. Sub-ohm vape devices are a little unique than ordinary ones as they utilize low resistance coils that are less than one ohm. For vape modes to perform sub-ohming, they are required a minimum of 40 watts, and it can exceed up to 200 watts. Nowadays, sub-ohm devices are getting popular in the market. Statistical results have shown, in 2016 most of the beginners’ preferred sub-ohm devices, and around 2014, the best subohm tanks began to dominate in the market. There are a diverse range and style of vapes available in the market.

Methods of vaping

There are two methods of vaping.

  • Classic style, mouth to lung(MTL)
  • Sub-ohm vaping, lung /direct inhalation(DL)

Classic style; mouth to lung (MTL)

In the classic method, a person draws vapor in a mouth and inhale into the lungs, this conventional way of vaping is similar to smoking cigarettes and tobaccos. The e-liquids used in these types of vapes are a higher VG to PG ratio, and the coils used in them are usually 1.6ohm and 2.4-ohm resistance.

Sub-ohm vaping

Another style of vaping is known as sub-ohm vaping. This is also known as cloud-chasing. In this style of vaping, a person inhales the liquids directly into the lungs. The e-liquids used are higher PG to VG ratio, coils used by sub-ohm devices are known as tanks/atomizer and they are below one-ohm resistance.

The name sub ohm is derived from the unique technology of sub ohm vapes as they utilize resistance coils that are less than one ohm. Sub ohm coils are also available in certain pod vapes, they are pretty similar to sub ohm tanks, but these pods utilize less power as they are small in size. By using sub-ohm vaping you can generate big, thick, and denser clouds.  Manufacturers have developed high VG e-liquids that accommodate low resistance.

Key factors—affect sub-ohm vaping

These three key factors are very important as they affect sub-ohm vaping experience.

Coil resistance:

If the surface area of the coil is increased, it will allow more current and resistance will be lower. If your device has a thinner coil, it will give the opposite effect as resistance and wattage are inversely proportional


Usually, wattage is considered as an actual power generated by an electrical unit, but here increased wattage means more heat is produced, therefore more vapors and flavors.

Battery voltage

Battery voltage means the power generated by your vaping devices.

Best e-liquids for sub-ohming devices

PG/VG determines you’re your vaping experience. PG is a thinner liquid that produces a strong throat hit and provides flavor and nicotine too. VG is opposite of PG. It gives an easy throat hit and produces thicker clouds. In sub-ohm devices, there is a higher concentration level of VG. The ideal e-juice for sub-ohm devices contains a low level of nicotine. An ideal nicotine level must be 12mg/ml and lower than that.

Advantages of sub-ohming

Sub-ohming does not allows you to make big clouds and easy direct vaping. Besides this, there are the following advantages of sub-ohming.

  1. You can enjoy intense allow flavor

Sub-ohm vaping coils vaporize a lot of e-liquids at a time, this allows you to inhale tons of intense flavor. Now you can enjoy a lot of flavor with a single puff.

  1. Unrestricted airflow

With sub-ohming devices, you inhale the e-liquid which goes directly to the lungs. So there is no obstruction in airflow. Heat is generated by the coils, so more airflow is important for the cooling process.

  1. Big/ intense clouds

Many people like to produce big, intense clouds in the air. Therefore, they look for devices that will help them to make big clouds. Sub-ohming devices allow big cloud production, now you can enjoy big clouds vaping.

What is cloud chasing?

Sub-ohm vaping is also known as cloud-chasing. It is an act in which a person blows big clouds with a vape. You need a little practice to do cloud chasing. All sub ohm devices do not allow cloud chasing. If you want voluminous clouds in the air, you can use sub-ohming devices.

Right devices for sub-ohm vaping

Every device does not allow sub-ohm vaping. Therefore, it is important to find the right device for sub-ohming. Here are some of the devices that emit sub-ohming.

Sub-ohm tanks

Sub-ohm tanks are made up of two materials, glass and stainless steel. Their coils are of low resistance and are disposable. These tanks are made for vapors who do not build their own coils. Some of the tanks are vaporesso, cascade, and NGR tanks

Rebuilder tank atomizer (RTAs)

These tanks are with rebuildable decks. The coil must be within a tank. E-liquid is stored in this tank and it does not drips over.

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