Vaping on a Budget: How to Cut Costs as a Vaper

by Jun 20, 2022E-Cigarette Basics

We all can agree that the cost of living has significantly gone up in recent years. While it chiefly traces back to the time the wave of COVID swept across the globe, a lot has happened since that has led to the cost of everything going up globally.

The cost of goods across the board has spiralled, and vape products – once touted as a cheaper alternative to cigarettes – have been no exception either. From vape devices to accessories and e-liquids, things have generally become more expensive.

Fortunately, unlike combustible cigarettes, there are a few belt-tightening measures you can implement as a vaper to bring your overall cost of vaping down. However, it’s worth highlighting that trimming your vaping costs doesn’t entail settling for cheap products from questionable sources.

As someone mindful of their health and safety, it’s vaping best practice to make it a point of sourcing your vape supplies from licensed, trusted sources as you always know what you’re getting. After all, knockoff vape gear always turns out to be costlier in the end, while there’s no telling what goes into some of the low-priced e-liquids out there.

Here then, are some tips you can borrow to keep your vaping costs in check.

Buy online

While this might hurt vape retail shops, buying from an online vendor is going to be cheaper for you. If you normally purchase your vape products from a brick-and-mortar, it’s a decision you’ll have to make as retail shops play a big role in the vaping culture and sector in general.

Save Money on Vaping

However, physical vape shops tend to be more expensive since they have to put up with costs their online counterparts don’t have to deal with; costs that are passed on to the consumer.

By doing your shopping online therefore, you stand to save significant sums each year.

And that’s not all…

Keep an eye out for bargain deals

What else makes online vape shopping appealing is that most online vape shops always have a deal or two going at any given moment, especially in the e-liquid department.

Whether it is new flavours being unveiled or old stock being cleared, many reputable online retailers are always rotating their products into sales on a regular. By consistently keeping an eye on such flash sales, there are always great bargains to be discovered on your favourite flavours.

Buy in bulk

While it might seem counterintuitive, spending more upfront on vape supplies can save you in the long run. Buying in bulk sometimes can seem out of budget (if not indulgent) compared to purchasing small amounts of e-liquid at a time.

In truth, though, as with most other retail products, the larger packages are structured to provide better value. If you sit down and do your calculations, you’ll discover that you are actually forking out much less for the same quantity of supplies when you invest in bulk.

Trade your disposables for a refillable

Disposable e-cigarettes are appealing in that not only are they an easy bridge from combustible cigarettes, but they also tend to be fairly priced. They are portable and convenient, making them perfect for on-the-go vaping.

Thing is, though, if you rely solely on disposable vapes, you’re likely burning through cash as you would with regular cigarettes. They have their advantages, but pocket-wise, they only make your wallet wince.

While a decent vape pen may seem a bit pricey, this is similar to purchasing e-liquid in bulk – you shell out more upfront but will end up saving more money in the long run. Furthermore, the growth of the industry has seen the cost of e-cig devices come down, so it’s not exactly like you’re priced out even if life is a bit expensive at the moment.

Investing in a quality kit will prove better value for your money as it will exponentially last longer than disposable vapes. Besides, you can find many portable devices these days, including pod systems that can be refilled and provide the same convenience as a disposable kit.

Opt for nicotine salt e-liquid

This especially applies to smokers who are making the transition to vaping. A section of them often fault vaping for delivering weak hits compared to regular cigarettes.

And it very well might, if a). you’re using a device not suited for you (depending on how heavy of a smoker you were), b). there’s an issue with your e-cig device or c). you’re vaping a low nicotine juice.

Vaping a low nicotine juice like a 3mg or 6mg strength if you were a moderate to heavy smoker means you won’t get the satisfaction you desire from the vape, resulting in the underwhelming experience. As a result, you are likely to vape more to make up for the shortcoming, which in turn means running through bottles of e-juice at a rate that might prove unsustainable over time.

By comparison, nicotine salt e-liquids are more satisfying as they get delivered to the body faster and more effectively. Nic salts promise the closest experience to smoking a cigarette, so you will vape less. This means you’ll spend less on vape juice supplies, thus ensuring you keep your e-liquid expenses in check.


In some respects, reining in your vaping costs calls for the same kind of budgetary planning as say, grocery shopping.

If the money is happy, opting for bulk supplies in place of small, incremental purchases will end up saving you a ton of money at the end of the day.


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