The Ultimate Guide to the Dos and Don’ts of Vaping

Most people who turn to vaping are people who want to leave cigarettes behind. Switching from smoking to vaping is not easy, but you will find it better than smoking once you get the hang of it.

If you are a newbie to vaping, you may have a lot of questions about vaping. Vaping involves using vape pens or e-cigs to inhale vapors from your e-juice. Your vaporizer heats your e-juice until it turns to vapor. It’s essential to use the right devices and the right products to experience the best of vaping.

If you have already gotten your vaping hardware from, then here are the dos and don’ts of vaping.

The Do’s

Do find the right vaping device.

Different vaping devices serve different purposes, so you should choose your vaping device dependent on your needs. Whether you are transitioning from smoking to vaping or just starting vaping for fun, there are devices perfect for you.

If you just switched from smoking to vaping, some devices give you the feel of smoking an actual cigarette. You can start with these as you gradually transition to vaping, then as you get used to the whole process, you can switch up devices. If you are new to vaping, vape pens are easy to use for a newbie.

The idea is to choose a device that’s easy for you, will satisfy your needs, and make the whole vaping experience worthwhile.

Do keep your vaping tools clean.

Ensuring your vaping tools are clean is among the top rules for vaping. When using your device a couple of times, it usually builds up residue, and if you fail to clean it, it will mix with your e-juice and compromise the quality or flavor.

Its recommended cleaning the tank every time you are changing your vape juice. Ensure its cleaned thoroughly by submerging the tank in warm water. You can do this once or twice a month.

If you are searching for a tank, you can clean easily. You can go for ones made of glass with a removable mouthpiece. This makes it easier to clean.

Do store your vape juices well.

E-juices and e liquids can last for very long, but that doesn’t mean you store them anywhere. You should ensure they are placed in closed, tight containers because they will go bad if left open.

Avoid exposing your vape juices to sunlight or storing them in hot temperatures that will make them lose their potency and flavor.

Do switch up your flavors from time to time.

One of the most common issues vapers experience is losing the taste of their vape juice. This is when they can’t taste their e-juice anymore and is commonly known as vapers tongue. When you start feeling like you can’t taste the flavor of your vape juice, your taste buds and olfactory glands are screaming for a break.

Don’t be scared; vapers tongue will only affect your taste for vape juice and not normal foods. Expect it to last a few days. If this happens, switch up your vape juice flavor and continue enjoying vaping.

Maintain good oral hygiene

It’s essential to practice good hygiene if you’re vaping. Ensure you brush your teeth thoroughly after vaping and follow that up with a mouth wash. Vaping with a dirty mouth will bring you health problems, especially for your teeth.

Other than the teeth, brush your tongue thoroughly and ensure you remove all the residue from your mouth. This is especially important if you will be using a sweetened vape juice flavor.

The Don’t’s

Don’t charge your vaping device overnight.

Vaping batteries can explode, and this is usually caused by overcharging them. Ensure that you remove the battery from its charging system if you are not around to oversee its charging — and if you do experience a battery explosion, you may find it useful to consult with a JUUL lawsuit attorney.

You can buy a device with an inbuilt charge detector, but even with this, you should still take caution when charging your batteries. Overcharging the batteries may create a fire, kill the battery and even cause this extra protection to fail.

While we are still on the topic of charging your battery, we should also remind you that you shouldn’t charge your device’s battery using your laptop or phone. Ensure you only use the device’s designated charger. Each device has a specific voltage, and using the wrong voltage to charge it may damage your battery.

Don’t forget to hydrate.

If you are new to vaping, you may notice that your mouth will frequently get dry. If you constantly drink water while vaping, you are also less likely to experience vapers tongue. Vaping is dehydrating because the components of the e-juice absorb water molecules; therefore may leave you feeling more thirsty than usual.

As you have your vape sesh keep drinking water, don’t wait until you are thirsty to look for water.

Don’t switch between smoking and vaping.

If you choose to quit smoking, don’t go back to smoking once you stop smoking. Smoking has more toxic substances than vaping, so going back to smoking defeats the whole purpose of vaping. If you decide to start vaping, stick to it. The whole process will not be easy to transition, but you will get used to it with time.

If you are missing the nicotine high, you get from smoking a cigarette. You can use vape juices that provide the same high. Then as you get used to vaping, you can slowly decrease the nicotine levels. Doing this will allow you to experience that same cigarette smoking feeling.

It can be a bit confusing when you start vaping as a newbie, but it becomes easier as you get used to it. Using the tips given in this guide, like ensuring safety, oral hygiene, using the proper vaping devices, avoiding going back to smoking, and also taking care of your vaping device and battery, will make the whole vaping experience amazing for you.

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