One of your biggest challenges as a consumer who vapes is knowing whether you’re getting a good deal. Prices in the vaping industry have always been incredibly variable, and that’s because the wholesale prices for vape gear are often very reasonable. Some companies are willing to sacrifice short-term profits in favor of selling products in higher volumes and raising awareness about their vape shops. Other shops are more willing to let products languish on the shelves for a while if it means that they’ll eventually sell for higher prices.

Wholesale pricing isn’t the only factor that affects retail prices in vaping. Some merchants use drop shippers instead of maintaining their own stocks. When a merchant that uses a drop shipper makes a sale, the drop shipper receives a portion of the proceeds. Paying a drop shipper gives the merchant less wiggle room on pricing – and there are still other factors that affect prices in the vaping industry. Some payment processors consider vaping companies “high risk” and charge hefty transaction fees. Brick-and-mortar vape shops often pay exorbitant insurance premiums. Add all of those factors up, and the cost of doing business is significantly higher for some vape shops than it is for others.

So, on one hand, there is extreme price variability in the vaping industry. On the other hand, there’s also a good chance that you go through far more vaping supplies than you need to. The end result is that you’re spending too much on vaping. Saving money on vape gear, though, is surprisingly simple.

Here’s how to do it.

Compare Prices on Vape Gear Before You Buy

As we’ve just explained above, there’s often an enormous range of prices that a vape shop can charge for a particular piece of vape gear while still remaining profitable. In addition to that, it’s likely that just about every vaping product you can think of is on sale, somewhere. It’s just a matter of finding the best price.

Shopping around for vape gear, however, can take a huge amount of time. If you spend all day looking for the best prices on a few pieces of vape gear, you’ll end up wasting so much time that the couple of dollars you would have saved will become irrelevant. Plus, there’s always the matter of trying to separate the scammy sellers from the legitimate ones. Does the seller actually have that item in stock and ready to ship, or do they just look for products after sales come in? Will the seller be responsive if you have a problem? Often, it just feels safer to buy from familiar sellers even if means that you’ll spend a little more.

What you need is a resource that automatically scans the various sellers and shows you the best prices, and that resource is VapeView. VapeView is a vaping search engine. To use it, just click the link and type the name of a product or brand that interests you. VapeView automatically shows you the merchants who have that product in stock and what those merchants charge. You can filter the search results to show only merchants close to you, and the best part is that VapeView vets all merchants before adding them to the search engine. If a merchant shows up on VapeView, you know you can buy from them safely. Using VapeView does not increase the price you pay.

Don’t Spend a Dime on Shipping Fees When Shopping for Vape Gear

One of the best ways to save money on vape gear is by letting the merchant absorb the shipping charges. If you pay a shipping fee every time you shop for vape gear, you are spending far, far more than you should. When you compare prices between different vape shops, you should always include the shipping fees in your calculations. Some merchants charge no shipping fees at all, but they often build the shipping charges into their prices. Other merchants charge no shipping fees for orders over certain amounts. Taking advantage of those offers is usually the way to get the best prices.

Reduce Your E-Liquid Consumption by Buying a Less Powerful Vaping Device

You’re probably already aware of this, but a less powerful vaping device will use more e-liquid than a more powerful one – and when you use a lower-nicotine e-liquid, you’ll need to use more of it to achieve your desired level of satisfaction than you would if you used a higher-nicotine e-liquid.

What you may not have thought about, though, is how dramatic the difference in e-liquid usage really is when you switch from a small device like a pod system to a powerful sub-ohm mod. You might go from using 10 ml of vape juice in a week to using that amount – or more – in a single day. You should use the vaping hardware and e-liquid that you enjoy, of course, but you’ll definitely spend less on vaping if you use a smaller device and a higher-nicotine e-liquid.

Maximize the Life of Your Vape Coils

You might think of e-liquid as your biggest vaping expense – but if you have a sub-ohm tank and love sweet e-liquids, that might not be the case at all. That’s because sucralose is the thing that makes e-liquid so sweet, and sucralose doesn’t vaporize. Vaping an e-liquid with sucralose is almost like boiling a pot of water and sugar. The water evaporates, but the sugar stays in the pot and eventually turns to caramel. Sucralose is the same; it doesn’t vaporize when you heat it. Instead, it sticks to your coil and caramelizes in much the same way as sugar.

Sucralose destroys vape coils, and a powerful sub-ohm coil can go from fresh and clean to gunky and nasty in a day. At upwards of $3-4 each and sometimes significantly more than that, buying a new coil every day or two is very, very expensive.

There’s an easy solution for that: Use unsweetened e-liquid instead. Your coils will last much longer, and you’ll save a fortune.

Be Ready to Jump on Crazy Vaping Deals

The last thing that you need to know about saving money on vaping is that sometimes, you’ll find a deal that’s not just a normal sale. From time to time, vape shops need to clear out large amounts of stock because certain products are being discontinued or changed. When those things happen – or a retailer’s stock of a particular e-liquid is nearing its expiration date – the retailer will often clear out all remaining products at a price that’s much better than normal. Those deals don’t come around often, and when they do, you should be ready to jump on them because they often disappear within hours.