7 Pod Vaping Tips and Tricks That No One Ever Tells You

One of the things no one ever tells you about vaping is that it has a bit of a learning curve. Modern vaping devices – like the latest pod systems from vape shops like Ivanna Vape – are designed to be as easy as possible to use. Despite the user friendliness of today’s pod systems, though, there are still some tips and tricks that you can use to make your experience even better. There are also some potential problems that you can encounter when vaping, and it’s helpful to be aware of those possible issues in advance and know how to fix them. These are the top tips and tricks for pod vaping systems that no one ever tells you.

The U.S. Flavored Pod Ban Doesn’t Cover Refillable Pod Systems

As you likely know, the U.S. banned all flavors for pre-filled e-cigarette pods and cartridges except tobacco and menthol in early 2020. What you might not know, though, is that the flavor ban doesn’t cover bottled e-liquid. You can buy pre-filled vape pods in two flavors, or you can buy a refillable pod system and choose from hundreds of different flavors. There really is no contest. If you want to have the best possible vaping experience in 2020, you’ve got to buy a device that’s designed for refilling.

Cover Your Pod’s Air Intake Vent for a Stronger Hit

Do you feel like your pod system has a draw that’s airy and weak? A refillable device with adjustable airflow can help that, but it’s possible to get a stronger hit with the device you have by partially covering your pod’s air intake vent with your finger while puffing. You’ll get increased air pressure, and the reduced airflow will also make the vapor warmer. Both of those factors will contribute to a stronger hit.

Most “Single-Use” Pods Are Actually Refillable

The best-known pod vaping systems are the ones with single-use pods that you’re supposed to use once and throw away. Single-use pods are great for convenience, but they create an enormous volume of plastic waste. They’re also very expensive at a typical cost of $4.00 per pod. Well, the manufacturers of those devices might prefer that you only use your pods once, but the truth is that most “single-use” vape pods are actually fairly easy to crack open and refill yourself. You’ll do that by prying the mouthpiece away from the top of the pod. Under the mouthpiece, you’ll likely find a rubber stopper that’s designed to help prevent the pod from leaking. Remove the stopper, fill the pod and put everything back together. You can generally refill a pod several times before you’ll need to throw it away.

Always Leave Some Room When Filling a Vape Pod

When you fill any vape pod – whether it’s a “single-use” pod or one that’s designed for refilling – it’s important to leave a little room for air at the top. If you don’t, you’ll push e-liquid out of the pod when you replace the rubber or silicone stopper. It’s also necessary to have a little space at the top of a vape pod because that’s how the pod forms an internal vacuum that prevents e-liquid from leaking out.

You’ll Get More Vapor if You Puff Gently

Most pod systems use airflow sensors to generate vapor automatically when you inhale – and when you use a device with an airflow sensor instead of a manual button, it’s important that you learn how to inhale correctly. When you want a bigger, more satisfying vapor cloud, your temptation might be to inhale more firmly, as you would with a tobacco cigarette. A vaping device, however, doesn’t generate bigger clouds if you puff harder. Puffing too hard, in fact, can cause a host of problems with a small vaping device. If you use too much air pressure, you’ll suck e-liquid from the pod’s reservoir into the coil assembly. If that happens, you’ll experience leaking, gurgling and spitting. When you use a pod system with an automatic puff sensor, you should use only as much air pressure as is necessary to get the device’s indicator light to turn on.

Air Bubbles Cause Dry Hits; Here’s How to Fix Them

The standard vape pod has two small silica wicks that carry e-liquid from the reservoir to the heating coil assembly. Air also travels through the heating coil assembly, and that can sometimes cause air bubbles to form around one or both wicks. If that happens, the bubbles will prevent e-liquid from flowing through to the heating coil as it should. If your device has temperature protection, it’ll give you weak hits or stop producing vapor. If it doesn’t have temperature protection, you’ll experience harsh dry hits. To get your device to work properly, you need to pop those bubbles. You can do that by squeezing the sides of the pod gently or by tapping the pod on a table.

Keep Your Device Clean to Avoid Reliability Problems

Have you ever removed a pod from your device only to discover that a pool of e-liquid has formed under it? It’s important to clean those spills promptly because, if you don’t, some of the e-liquid will ultimately find its way into your device’s interior electronics. If that happens, you’ll experience all kinds of problems ranging from unreliable performance to a complete refusal to operate. Follow these steps to prevent that from happening.

  • As soon as you notice e-liquid inside your device’s pod compartment, use a cotton swab to soak it up. Even if you don’t see e-liquid in your device, it’s still wise to rub the contacts with a cotton swab periodically to maintain the best possible electrical conductivity.
  • Do you think that e-liquid has gotten inside your device? With the pod removed, blow firmly through the top of the device while holding a paper towel against the bottom. The air pressure will push most of the e-liquid out of the device.
  • If a major leak causes your device to stop working, you may be able to remove the excess moisture by sealing the device in a plastic bag with dry rice for a day.

Author: Jason Artman

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