Pack Vape Gear Like a Pro for Your Next Vacation

So you’re off on your next adventure, packing up all your clothes and toiletries. But wait, there’s one more thing: what about the vaping gear? If you’re not a seasoned vaper, it can seem like an intimidating task to figure out how to pack the e-cigarette kits for travel. You don’t want it to break or leak in your suitcase as when you’re on the plane.

Here is some advice on how to carry the vaping gear safely. Be ready for your next vacation.

Check the Airline Rules

Check out what kind of airline you’re going with; they each have different policies about bringing liquids through security or packing them in your luggage.

Most airlines allow passengers to bring containers that hold up to 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) per item. It means there’s no limit as long as they fit into a TSA-approved quart-sized or one-liter plastic bag and remain within those limits.

In general, the TSA says you’re allowed to bring liquids in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces through security. The bottles have to be in your carry-on bags, or the TSA agent may confiscate them. Larger amounts of liquids are not permitted unless they meet special conditions or can be sent as cargo. Be sure to check the policies of your airline too.

How to Pack the Vaping Supplies While Traveling

When considering what vape gear to pack for your trip, be sure it’s something durable and won’t leak into your luggage or anything else in the overhead compartment. Many vapes are not designed with travel-specific needs in mind, so make sure yours will hold tight whenever turbulence might shake things.

Some vapes are more durable than others, so it’s best to keep this in mind when you’re packing. Take the JUUL devices and pods as an example. Their exterior is hard plastic, which makes it less likely to break if dropped or bumped. It also has a lower chance of leaking into your luggage. A vape pen with a metal exterior and Pyrex tank is great for travel too.

Packing the vape supplies involves two main tasks: wrapping them properly and keeping them dry. Let’s see how you can do that:

Wrapping and Packing

Wrap the pod mod device and vape kit (including mod, tank, and other small accessories) with bubble wrap and put them in a plastic bag. However, it will be better to pack the vape pen in a small Ziploc freezer bag.

If you’re using cartridges, seal them up with the liquids and nicotine in another zippy plastic baggie before tucking those into your suitcase or backpack. Don’t forget to seal the e-liquid bottle opening with tape.

If you plan on smoking various flavors during your vacation, pack a small container of each flavor. When you’re flying, one bottle cannot have over 100 ml of liquid. So, the best thing to do is buy smaller bottles. Pack them in TSA-approved containers if you’re traveling by air.

Be sure to pack any chargers in your carry-on bag. You don’t want to be left without a vape pen mid-trip. Keep all cables and charges in a separate carry case.

Keeping Supplies Dry

If you are traveling by air, keeping them in a TSA-approved quart-size bag is enough. It would be better to use a waterproof pouch or case that does not exceed the size limit of the airline.

If you plan to do plenty of water activities during your vacation, buy a small dry bag. It will keep your accessories dry in all weather conditions.


Packing your vaping gear for a trip is easy when you know the basics. Follow these packing and wrapping tips to keep everything organized and protected from any leakage. The gear will also be safe from damage in this way.

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