Can You Use Nicotine Salt E-Liquid in a Regular Vape?

Our society was all about “tech disruptors” in the last few years. Whether it was ridesharing companies revolutionizing the taxi industry or food delivery apps giving people a new use for their personal vehicles, it was hard not to see the potential for change and betterment in many different industries.

One of the industries that faced a fair amount of disruption, and significantly less attention, was the smoking industry. Cigarettes have been falling out of favour for years, thanks to overwhelming evidence that they are carcinogenic and government programs aimed at making them more expensive and difficult to use. But, the advent of vaping changed all that.

Like most new products and services, vaping was once only for hardcore enthusiasts. Those who wanted massive cloud production and moddable devices were the core of the fanbase. But, in recent years, these devices have become integrated within our society, and now you can even find them in popular movies, like 2020’s I Care a Lot.

Now, cigarettes are on the way out and vaping seems poised to assume the market share that remains. It’s a disruption story that we see repeated in industry after industry. But what makes this story particularly interesting is that a smaller disruption seems to be occurring within the ranks. Of course, we’re talking about nicotine salt e-liquids.

What Are Nicotine Salt E-liquids?

Traditional vaping e-liquids only had a few main ingredients. There was the glycol, the flavouring and the nicotine. The glycol serves as a medium for the flavouring and nicotine, which makes the experience pleasant and enjoyable. The nicotine concentration is expressed on the label of the container and is in a “freebase” form.

Freebase nicotine was a substance found by cigarette researchers in the late 50s and neutralizes the natural acidity of the tobacco plant, leaving a smoother taste that continues even at higher nicotine concentrations. This is the basis for all modern cigarettes, vapes and other nicotine products, including those available at

In typical disruptor fashion, nicotine salt e-liquids are going back to the basics and reaping a handsome reward. Rather than freebasing the nicotine, these products keep it in the natural “salty” form. This creates a much more concentrated feeling that seems to lead to a better feeling during consumption.

Can You Use Nicotine Salt E-liquids in a Regular Vape?

Yes, you can use nicotine salt e-liquids in a regular vape so long as it is not a sub-ohm high-powered device. These devices heat the product too much, leading to an uncomfortable, rough and harsh inhale. This can lead to a significantly worse experience overall. Instead, it is better to use low-wattage devices.

The low-wattage devices that work best with nicotine salt e-liquids are available in two different systems, which are commonly referred to as open and closed systems. Open systems allow you to manually refill the material in an open tank that sits in the device, whereas closed systems have cartridges or pods that can be swapped out when expended.

With both systems, the packaging for your nicotine salt e-liquid should make it clear what the concentration of nicotine is in the system. This will help you understand the best amount for your vaping experience and lead to a better overall vaping experience.

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