How to Make $2,600 by Quitting Smoking

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If you are a tobacco cigarette smoker, you know all about the cost of cigarettes. And as much as you enjoy the habit, are you thrilled about the cost? Most likely not! Considering the average cost of cigarettes comes out to approximately $3,000 yearly, for a habit that does nothing positive for the body, it’s a really expensive habit. If you could save a large majority of that cost, while ensuring you still have the ability to enjoy the many positives, would you take advantage of the opportunity?

You’ve most likely heard of vaping. Perhaps you’ve even considered trying it, maybe putting it on your long list of future goals or things you’ll get around to at some point in the future. However, if money were factored in, would you be more motivated to give it a go sooner rather than later?

If your thoughts are instantly screaming “YES!” we totally get it. Who wouldn’t want to swap out the many negatives of smoking for a better option that reduces risk, eliminates the smoke, and offers a seriously enjoyable experience? Well, by switching to vaping, that option is totally on the table and ready for you to take advantage of. The cost savings is one of the top reasons so many smokers switch to vaping and never look back, because it makes perfect sense: eliminate so much bad, maintain a relatively similar experience, save money; total no-brainer! Why is anyone still smoking tobacco?

Vaping: So Much More Than Smoking

The cost of cigarettes alone is enough to make a smoker want to quit. Even if it’s not that big of an expense for you, we are sure you can think of numerous ways you could be spending that money instead. Vacation? Investments? Updating your guitar collection? Whatever you’d rather spend your hard-earned cash on, it would certainly be better spent than on tobacco. Vaping, while it recreates the action of smoking, is incredibly cost-effective in a multitude of ways, offering a very similar experience, while reducing so many of the negative properties.

Vaping offers so options, which makes it so accessible and easily adopted for smokers. Having the ability to reduce so many of the negatives that come with smoking is probably the best reason of them all, as vaping involves no smoke whatsoever. With vaping, you have the ability to trade tobacco for e-liquids, which produce no combustion when vaporized. The act of vaporization, though it simulates smoking, involves only a few ingredients, such as water, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings, and nicotine.

In terms of devices, there are countless different styles and variations to choose from, so instead of having only one option, (a cigarette) with vaping, you can choose from a basic e-cig to a slender but powerful vape pen, to a high-powered mod; pretty much whatever you’re into, you can have, and at a very affordable price.

Consider the Math

With vaping, there’s the upfront cost of purchasing your hardware. It definitely costs more than a pack of smokes, but it will last you way longer.

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes varies by location; in some places, a pack can be as high as $13. If we were to use this figure and assume the average smoker goes through about 5 packs per week, their weekly cost would be $65, which amounts to about $3,380 per year. Ouch!

With vaping, although the initial investment may run about $50 if you go modest, you can expect that kit to last about a year. After that, you will probably spend about $15 per week on one bottle of e-liquid, which will amount to about just $780 per year! The numbers, while they are estimates, are pretty clear. At just $780 per year, you get a whopping $2,600 in savings! And because you will be swapping your habit for a very similar one, you lose nothing — and gain a couple thousand dollars instead!

Vaping is much more cost effective than smoking, and the many options are an added bonus. You get to choose the device you vape with, you get to choose the flavors you vape with, and you get to choose you own accessories. All the while, you get to enjoy all the pleasure of knowing there is no tobacco involved and no tar is being left behind; all the more reasons to make the switch! So, what will you do with an extra $2,600 this year?

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