How Vaping Helped Me Quit My 20 Year Smoking Habit

Quitting smoking can be one of the easiest decisions to make and one of the hardest things to follow through on. I smoked both cigarettes and marijuana for 20 years, and after a few tries and the help of Lazarus CBD and my vape pen, I am happy to say that it’s been almost a full year since I’ve smoked anything.

There is nothing like the freedom of having quit smoking, but the road to get there isn’t easy. Even with the help of a nicotine vape, I spent many nights sweating it out and wishing I had a cigarette. I think that everyone who smokes should either quit, or at least give it a break for a bit to see what life is like without it. You might be pleasantly surprised. I certainly was.

My Girlfriend Made Me Do It

I had thought about quitting smoking for years, but I truly enjoy the act so I didn’t. I had plenty of girlfriends in the past who didn’t smoke, but also didn’t mind that I did. It is a nasty habit that was popularized in the U.S for decades, but now as we all become more aware that many of our 21st century habits are terrible, smoking has lost a bit of that “cool” edge.

I didn’t care if smoking was cool or not, I loved the feeling in my lungs when I took a big drag of a cigarette or a spliff. It wasn’t until I met a french woman on foreign exchange at an art school that my smoking days became numbered. We hit it off promptly after meeting and started dating. One of her stipulations was that I quit smoking. Well, I had been planning on quitting for a long time so this was just the push I needed.

Sticking To It Is Tricky

I kept telling myself and her that I’d quit as soon as this or that happened, but before we knew it 3 whole years had passed. We had traveled the world, our relationship had blossomed, and I was still puffing away. That’s not to say my smoking wasn’t a point of contention because it most certainly was, but I had been a smoker for so long any justification or excuse to continue would suffice.

We were in Scotland and I told her it was impossible to quit walking through the cloud of cigarette smoke also known as Glasgow. We moved to France for a bit and the same excuse did wonders. She agreed that it was virtually impossible, so I could keep puffing away while she looked on angrily.

Though my girlfriend had pushed me, it wasn’t until I truly made the decision for myself that I took any real action. I decided to take a more thoughtful approach to the situation and sympathize with myself and my habits. I needed a way to pacify my habit without being too harsh, so I decided to replace my cigarettes with a nicotine vape pen. I had read several Harvard studies that discussed the great potential vaping had in smoking cessation and I knew that if anything was going to help, vaping would.

Sleepless Nights

I worked hard to fight my desire to have a cigarette and every time I got the urge I would reach for my vape pen and puff away until the desire left. I found this to be incredibly beneficial and was doing great not having a cigarette. The problem was the lack of sleep it was causing.

I’m still not sure if it was physical or psychological because I was indeed consuming nicotine. Whatever the problem was, it was starting to show me that lack of sleep could break me and send me right back to smoking up a storm. That was the last thing I wanted, so I ordered some melatonin infused CBD gummies a friend had told me about. The hearty helping of melatonin and CBD before bed did just the thing, and suddenly I found myself sleeping like a baby.

Pat Yourself On The Back

This combination of CBD and vaping nicotine was working wonderfully. I was getting the sleep I needed, I could slowly cut back on the amount of nicotine I was consuming, and everything was working out just as I had hoped.

One of the things that really kept me going through this process was my being proud of myself. I don’t typically indulge in patting myself on the back, but in this instance it felt wholly appropriate. I’m glad I did, because the ability to self motivate is one of the most important factors in one’s quest to quit smoking. If you smoke cigarettes, I highly recommend using a nicotine vape and CBD to help you quit.

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