How to Make Vape Cart Packaging More Appealing

There are two important features that are essential for the packaging of vape carts or any other vape accessory. The first and foremost important feature is durability and the other is the outer look of the box that encloses the product. Hence companies that produce any vaping accessory, especially those producing vape carts are always on a hunt for a packaging design that has these two main features.

In such a scenario customizing their vape cart packaging is the only option left for them. Having custom packaging for vape carts can be beneficial for the brand as well as the customers. While brands get a chance to promote their name in the market while reducing the risk of damage and product returns, the customers on the other hand get a unique unboxing experience. Here is a guide for all the brands that are looking up custom packaging ideas for promotional purposes.


Having to make a product replacement is a nightmare for any company. It is not only an additional expense but can also leave a bad impression on the customers. Therefore, delivering their product in durable packaging is a necessity that they cannot avoid. When talking about durability it is important to understand that two things contribute to the durability of a box or package and these are

  • Material of the box
  • Design/style of the box


Vape Cartridge Packaging

When choosing the material for your packaging, always look for two things. The first is its quality and the second thing is whether the selected material is compatible with the printing technique that you are going to opt for. Make sure to use premium quality material such as kraft paper and corrugated sheets of cardboard, as these materials are durable. They ensure the protection of your product and have superior stacking capacity to minimize the risk of any physical damage during shipping. Another benefit of using these materials is that they are highly customizable and can be designed in any required shape and size.


Vape carts have their size and specifications. So, you must choose a box design that can sit well with the shape and size of the vape carts. Some box styles that are often used for vape carts include gable boxes, tuck end boxes, tray and sleeve boxes, display boxes, seal end boxes, etc. You can even merge two styles to make a unique box style of your preference.

Printing Add-Ons to Enhance the Overall Packaging

Printing can change the game of your packaging and take it to the next level by just adding the right add-ons. You can make your packaging appealing by garnishing hues to make them attractive. Adding a tint of creativity into the recipe of your packaging makes it unique and apart from others. Printing interesting images, catchy texts on the packaging, and choosing the fancy font styles are the approaches that can help you get the attention of the customers. Other printing approaches such as perforation, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, foiling, spot UV and PVC window, etc can also be used to enhance the packaging.

Printing Technique

It is always wise to invest in good quality printing for your product packaging. As it will highlight your product. Mainly there are three printing techniques. You can get different results with each technique so read the information given below before deciding which printing technique suits your requirements.

Offset Lithography

Offset lithography is ideal for large printing projects. The results of this type of printing are commendable and very clear. However, it is not a cost-efficient procedure and requires a lot of time. So, you must go for this type of printing if you have a large-scale production of vape carts and require a huge packaging material for your product.

Digital Printing

Packaging for Vape Carts

You can use this printing technique if you want to print any digital image and graphical illustration onto your packaging boxes. It is a cost-effective technique and is ideal for even smaller projects. Besides the printing procedure is rather quick so if you have a shortage of time then so can go ahead with this type of printing. Another benefit of digital printing is that it does not produce any waste material so it is completely an environment-friendly procedure.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a very simple yet versatile printing technique. It offers great quality printing. It is beneficial for large orders and the cost per article reduces as the number of articles increases. So, if you got a large packaging order then you can opt for screen printing. The print of screen-printing lasts for longer. So, you can even have it done beforehand.

Use Foam Inserts for Added Protection

Vape carts are fragile since they are made from glass materials. So, they require extra protection during shipping. To keep them safe from being damaged during shipping and add more professional value to your brand you can use foam inserts in the vape cart boxes. It will not only give your product a luxurious look but also win customers’ trust. This will indirectly boost your sales and generate more revenue.

If Possible, Seek Professional Assistance

There is so much going on behind the entire manufacturing procedure that sometimes it becomes difficult for brands to manage everything on their own. So, in such a case, there are professionals who can share your burden. You can contact some packaging professionals or you may hire them if you can afford the expenses.

These professionals will guide you with all the necessary details that you must include in your packaging. Further, they will present you with some amazing ideas that you can implement to get state-of-the-art packaging. These professionals are skilled individuals who are aware of the market trends and have the expertise to fulfill your demands on time.




Hopefully, the information given in this article was helpful. You can now look forward to custom packaging solutions to help you stand out in the market and promote your product through customized vape cart packaging.

Author: Jack Keenan

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