As any vaping enthusiast can attest, not everyone is keen on this particular pastime. While some friends and family members may not even bat an eye when you vape in their presence, others are likely to be far less amenable. Needless to say, this can pave the way for conflict and possibly even place you at odds with the people you care about most. Fans of vaping and conflict avoidance who simply wish to keep the peace should consider the following measures.

Ask Before Proceeding to Vape in Someone Else’s Home

While you may not hesitate to vape in your own home, it’s important to understand that some of the people in your life aren’t going to welcome such behavior in their respective residences. One’s home is their personal space, and most people don’t appreciate being made to feel uncomfortable in their own abode. So, no matter how well you know someone, make sure to ask for permission before pulling out any vape pens and proceeding to puff away.

There are a multitude of reasons for which friends and family members wouldn’t want you vaping their homes, so assuming that you don’t need to ask permission is pure folly. Furthermore, even if you’re granted permission once, this shouldn’t be taken to mean that you never need to ask again.

Don’t Vape When Dining with Others

When dining by yourself, vaping before, during or after meals may be part of your usual routine. However, when sitting down to a meal with others, you’d do well to avoid vaping altogether. For starters, vaping at a table with people who are trying to enjoy a meal is just plain inconsiderate. Even if some of the individuals in question usually have no problem with vaping, the smell of your vapor clouds is likely to prove an unpleasant distraction from their dining experience. Secondly, people who have no patience for vaping are sure to get annoyed if one of their least favorite things is suddenly thrust upon them during a meal. So, if you’re struck with the urge to vape while dining with others, simply excuse yourself from the table and take it outside.

Watch Where You Blow Your Vapor Clouds

When vaping in the presence of others, it’s imperative that you be mindful of where you blow your vapor clouds. For one thing, blowing vapor clouds in the direction of others is generally considered rude, even if the individuals in question are fellow vape enthusiasts. Furthermore, doing this during an active pandemic – one that involves a highly contagious virus that easily spreads through aerosols – is nothing short of negligent. So, the next time you find yourself having a vape in a group setting, take care to blow your vapor clouds away from other people.

Never Attempt to Stealth Vape

Some people simply can’t stand being told not to do something. For example, when certain vaping enthusiasts are told that they can’t vape in a specific location or setting, they’ll regard this as a challenge and attempt to stealth vape. As the name suggests, “stealth vaping” refers to the practice of vaping while actively trying to conceal what you’re doing.

It should come as no surprise that stealth vaping is ill-advised for a number of reasons. First off, no matter how stealthy and secretive you think you’re being, it’s highly unlikely that your actions are going unnoticed. Just because the people around you are too embarrassed to call you on your foolish behavior doesn’t mean you’re getting away with anything. Additionally, depending on where you do this, getting caught stands to get you banned from places you enjoy visiting or possibly even land you in legal trouble. Needless to say, anyone who happens to be with you when this happens is likely to be extremely embarrassed.

Vaping in the presence of others can be a social minefield. If you’re unfamiliar with how your various friends and family members feel about vaping as a whole, having a quick vape in their presence may prove to be an anxiety-inducing experience. While you will need to abide by certain rules of vaping etiquette, you needn’t have a panic attack whenever you’re unsure on whether it’s appropriate to vape around other people. By putting the tips discussed above to good use, you can effectively stop vape-related conflicts in their tracks.