Essential Things to Consider Before Buying a Vape

Most first-time buyers do not have any idea what to look for in a vaping kit. And to add to the confusion, these devices even have similar features. Novice vapers often end up buying kits that do not fit their requirements.

If you are one of these novices who intend to buy a vape online, it is better to do your research first. If you understand your choices and you know which one is right for you. You will not only save money, but you will also truly appreciate your first purchase.

Desktop or Portable?

One of the things you decide on before you buy a vaping set is whether or not you will be carrying this device around with you. If yes, then better get a portable vape.

If, on the other hand, you will only be vaping at home, consider purchasing a desktop vape. The latter type is more expensive, though. This is why some vapers choose to start with a portable vape and transition to a desktop one later when they have bigger budgets. Aside from the portability of the device, other aspects can differentiate a desktop vape from a portable one, and they are the following:

  • Battery life: Desktop vapes are usually plugged into the wall. Portables, on the other hand, rely on rechargeable Lithium batteries to operate. This means that the former can last you however long you want the session to go for. You do not have that luxury with a probable device.
  • Accessibility: In terms of accessibility, the portable type is more challenging to use compared to the desktop version because it offers less vapour production control. Aside from that, it also has limited temperature controls and ranges. This means that you have less control over the temperature, flavour, and density of your vapour.
  • Vapour quality: Because of better temperature control and bigger heating chamber, the desktop variety can deliver rich, aromatic, and flavourful vapour.
  • Discretion: If you want to be more discreet about your vaping hobby, go for the portable type. Since it is smaller than its desktop counterpart, it is not as conspicuous.

Unregulated or Regulated box mod?

The next thing that you should consider when you buy a vape online is whether or not you want the unregulated or regulated box mod. Expert and long-time vapers argue that the regulated ones come with circuit boards that help the user control his vape better.

This circuit board can also prevent your vape from firing up whenever the device malfunctions. Regulated box mods come with a variety of safety features, including atomizer resistance limits, coil-type recognition, battery-heat monitoring, overheat protection, and reverse polarity.

However, some vapers want it plain and simple. They do not like being in full control of the vapour. If you are one of them, then it is better to go for the unregulated one. Just make sure that you fully understand the safety and chemistry of lithium-ion batteries, along with the appropriate atomizer to use.

Also, it will make the unregulated one safer to use if you understand Ohm’s law — electric current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance.

These are just necessary information that can help you explore your vaping options further. As you go along, you will also discover tricks and hacks that will make your vaping experience an enjoyable one.

Author: Jason Artman

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