Can You Use E-Cigarettes and Still Do Fitness?

Anyone who takes up smoking can pretty much say goodbye to professional sport or even working out regularly. The negative effect of smoking cigarettes has on your body has long ago been recorded but the smoking technology, to use that term, had advanced in recent decades.


E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular since many smokers believe that vaping goes well with cardio exercises. However, you need to know everything that vaping does to your body before you start using them parallel with going to the gym.

E-cigarettes can mess up your lungs

People mostly use e-cigarettes because they believe the cigarettes decrease the chance of getting lung cancer or any other form of cancer. While this is true in general, this doesn’t mean that vaping is totally harmless, as there have recently been reports of health issues that can be linked back to the extensive use of e-cigarettes.

In fact, you can contract a cardiovascular disease if you vape too much and if you use different flavors. These are produced using the same techniques as food colorants so there’s no way they are healthy. The conclusion is that e-cigarettes decrease your chances of getting cancer but they nevertheless weaken your immune system, make it susceptible to other diseases.

Vaping and smoking simultaneously? Bad idea

Precisely because ex-smokers are predominant users of e-cigarettes a dangerous scenario can occur. Namely, research has shown that vaping while you still smoke from time to time actually augments the negative effects of both!

As a result, you are more likely to contract lung disease and cancer, which is a deadly cocktail of illness. The decision to stop smoking can be followed by the decision to take up vaping as a substitute but you need to be adamant. Any tobacco you smoke after you’ve taken up e-cigarettes is going to be worse than going into remission.

Fighting the nicotine addiction

If e-cigarettes have one thing going for them, then those are lower levels of nicotine than conventional cigs. This means that you are less likely to become addicted by vaping than by smoking. People who have been smoking for years can benefit from this because they can use e-cigarettes as a substitute for nicotine. This way, they won’t have to use those nicotine patches than many find annoying and hard to apply.

At this point, we feel obliged to say that there are alternatives to vaping if you wish to quit smoking. One of these distractions that are much more than a simple sub for cigarettes is doing sport. Even running in the park counts as an activity that has the power to get your mind off smoking and/or vaping. Just find the best compression shorts and a pair of solid sneakers and you are good to go. Cheaper than a pack of cigarettes, isn’t it?

Entering uncharted territory

We have been studying the effect cigarettes have on the human body for nearly a century now, while the first e-cigarette appeared a mere decade ago. As a result, there isn’t enough research on vaping to confirm that it is much safer than smoking tobacco. Basically, you are entering uncharted territory in terms of medicine if you start vaping.

The true effect e-cigs have on your fitness levels, whether neutral or negative is beyond what physicians can tell you. That’s why you should definitely start off slow and monitor your body’s reaction to exercising while actively vaping.

In the end, we must say that it is still not entirely clear which advantages vaping has over smoking. For all we know, they could be equally harmful to our health. However, in terms of fitness, there is no corroborating evidence that e-cigarettes thwart our process. We recommend continuing to vape as you visit the gym regularly but do this cautiously because who knows how your organism will respond to e.-cigarettes in the long run.

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