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Smoking cigarette in the workplace isn’t permissible in the work environment; some organizations banned smokers and no longer hire them. But what about vaping? Many companies have implemented policies for smoking but have not covered vaping in them. So, the question arises should the employer treat vaping the same as smoking? Which laws affect workplace policies?

Nowadays, many people are changing their tobacco cigarettes’ preferences to the e-cigarette, as the recorded data about 2.8 million adults are using e-cigarette across the world. But, the main concern is the attitude towards the use of E-cigarettes or vaping at the workplace.

What is Vaping all about?

The term vaping depicts the use of electronic cigarettes that can be E-cigarette-cigs, vaporizers, or vape pens. Batteries operate these with the smokeless mechanism in the nicotine delivery system. The users of this device usually puff by using them and inhale the aerosol called vapor.

Vaping and its effect on health

Nicotine is the primary substance in both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes, which are highly addictive. This causes you to crave the smoke and suffer from many withdrawal symptoms if you avoid the craving. Nicotine is a harmful substance that increases blood pressure and also heart rate that causes a heart attack.

Policy Consideration in the Workplace for E-cigarette

If any organization allows the use of E-cigarette in the workplace, then the following points are taken into consideration:

  • If the employees are working with young people and children, it is not recommended to vape in front of them.
  • It could correspond to the smoking or vaping of E-cigarette.
  • Many E-cigarettes look similar to the other regular cigarettes that may confuse many people; thus, you need to choose the vaping products wisely while vaping at work and think about the impression this gives to your clients and users.
  • The consumption of such products produces a smell that may be a nuisance to the people around and with some respiratory problem like Asthma which could be irritating.

Thus, whatever approach one must take but the most important things to think about the business nature and its type. As vaping has a different effect in different workplaces.

Should organizations ban the consumption of E-cigarette at work?

If you are active in the area where E-cigarette or vaping in indoor places is illegal, then the policy handbook should depict that smoking and vaping are not allowed in the building. If you want, you can have an outdoor place for vaping or smoking where the employees can smoke and vape. But, it is suggested to pay attention to several rules of the locality. Vaping or smoking should be allowed by keeping in view the consent of other employees who do not prefer to smoke.

How the workplace vaping policy should be implemented?

The most important thing to do for any organization’s policy is to write clear guidelines and make sure the policy is portrayed on prohibited products and where they are prohibited. If you have the facilities for vaping and smoking in a separate area, then mention so.

You should have the vaping FAQ mentioned in the handbook to give the employees a clear idea about the specific matter. Mention every part of the Vaping Laws that you have set as guidelines in the organization. Once the guidelines are ready, distribute the written policy to every employee and have the signature as an acknowledgment of receipt.