Best Ways to Avoid Drawing People’s Ire When Vaping

Although vaping can serve as a convenient alternative to traditional cigarettes, many non-smokers are understandably wary of people who vape in public places. Since vaping has a number of distinct differences from smoking, some individuals believe that they can pull out their vape pens at any time. However, as is the case with smoking, certain rules of decorum should be followed when it comes to vaping. Fortunately, adhering to these rules should prove neither cumbersome nor difficult. Anyone looking to avoid drawing the ire of others when vaping should consider the following measures.

Don’t Vape Around People You’re Meeting for the First Time 

It’s generally not a good idea to assume that people you’re meeting for the first time will be okay with you vaping in their presence. While vape clouds may not produce the same unpleasant aroma as cigarette smoke, most non-smokers aren’t going to appreciate breathing them in. Furthermore, these individuals are likely to resent being placed in such an awkward situation. If they ask you to put your vape pen away, they’re liable to be viewed as rigid or uncool. So, instead of speaking up, they’re liable to quietly regard your behavior as rude and actively avoid interacting with you in the future. 

First impressions are important in every area of life. From job interviews to dates, first impressions tend to stick – for better or worse. If you have a bad first encounter with someone, you’re unlikely to want to continue interacting with them, so it’s reasonable to expect that other people will feel the same way about you. As such, if you absolutely feel the need to vape in front of people you’re meeting for the first time, make a point of asking before proceeding to pull out your vape pen.  

Don’t Vape in Professional Settings 

Some people believe that because vape pens aren’t tobacco products, they can use them in any setting. To these individuals, vaping is no different than eating a piece of candy during a meeting. Needless to say, this rationale is flawed on a number of levels. Still, people of this mindset often have no qualms about vaping in professional settings. This entails vaping while at work, in business meetings and other job-related situations.

Although not engaging in such behavior may seem like a no-brainer, many of these individuals are unaware that they’re doing anything wrong. Not only is vaping at work just plain unprofessional, it’s practically guaranteed to draw the ire of your coworkers, generate complaints and land you in hot water with your bosses. So, if you feel the desire to vape at work, do so exclusively in designated smoking and/or vaping areas. You can go about this with the aid of good vape starter kits

Don’t Vape Inside of Businesses 

The vast majority of businesses have strict “no smoking” policies in place. However, since vaping isn’t technically smoking, some vaping enthusiasts believe that these rules don’t apply to them. While you may think you can coast by on a technicality, it’s generally a safe bet that if a business’s proprietors don’t want you smoking on their property, they don’t want you vaping there, either. 

If you’re unclear on whether you’re allowed to vape inside of a business, make a point of asking. Even if vaping rules aren’t prominently displayed, this doesn’t mean they aren’t in effect.  

Don’t Vape in Areas Where it isn’t Allowed 

Once again, while this may seem like common sense, you should never vape in areas in which doing so is forbidden. To be clear, this doesn’t just apply to open vaping, but to “discreet vaping,” as well. Attempting to shirk the rules by stealthily vaping is liable to garner disapproval from the people around, get you kicked out of businesses and possibly even earn you some hefty fines.  

Just as there are rules of etiquette by which smokers are bound, so too are vaping enthusiasts compelled to practice common courtesy. Granted, this can sometimes prove confusing if certain rules aren’t explicitly spelled out. Unsurprisingly, failing to adhere to proper vaping etiquette stands to draw the ire of those around you, especially non-smokers. So, if you’re serious about not inconveniencing others when vaping, put the previously discussed measures to good use.

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