Best Cotton for Vaping: Why It’s Important

Vaping can be daunting for beginners. As more people switch to vaping, in their journey of quitting smoking, people need the know-how to navigate around vaping. Euromonitor draws an estimate of an expected 55 million vapers worldwide in 2021. The navigation to vaping is seemingly easy for some individuals who have access to people and resources. But for the others, we assure you that things do fall in place when done right. Using the right equipment becomes significant in this process of seamlessly transitioning to using e-cigarettes.

You can easily break down this overwhelming switch by choosing the correct elements. That includes picking the right juice, e-cigarettes, and vape cotton. Many beginners are not as aware of vape cotton and its magic, because of which they usually fall back on enjoying an optimal experience. Picking fine vape cotton helps ease this process significantly. If you had never heard of vape cotton before or never thought you needed one, let us guide you through its benefits!

Why use vape cotton?

Vape cotton fills the space between the vape juice and heating element in e-juices. It touches the two ends and can either enhance or ruin one’s vaping experience. This drastic difference makes it even more significant to make wise choices in picking your vape cotton.

Any regular cotton may bridge the two easily, but it may also greatly influence the flavor. Now, we know you did not go through all that trouble finding the best flavors and e-cart to have it ruined with regular cotton. To transcend your vape cotton worries, buying good quality cotton is significant in completing your vape experiences. With fine e-liquid and e-cigs, you cannot ensure the best experience if your vape cotton is off, resulting in a flavorless experience. Using the best atomizers can not aid you when your vape cotton is truly at fault.

The above reasons say why you need to seriously consider improving your vaping experiences by picking better vape cotton. It can aid you in getting past your dull, uninteresting, and tasteless vaping sessions.

How do I start coil wicking?

Firstly, coil wicking may not be as easy as people imagine. Many get it right in a few tries. But it discourages people if they get it wrong more than a few times. The simple procedure as below can streamline this process and ease your coil wicking worries in no time! Our perfect coil wicking technique guide can save you both time and perseverance.

You may start with pulling the tails of the cotton wick up through the entire coil. You may feel some resistance while doing so, but it is only natural. In case your cotton wick slides freely, it is probably too thin to work efficiently. This step is a good sign in understanding if the thickness needs to be altered. To gauge if you have found the right thickness of your vape cotton, wiggle it slightly and check if it is sturdy. If it is not easy to pull it back out, it is mostly in place.

Once this process is done, you can focus on fleecing the cotton edges. This action means you rip the wick and create more surface area for the juice to reach the coils. As more juice comes in contact with the coil, it can perform its role while cotton does its magic. With more e-liquid going through the heating element, more chances of living the best vape experiences.

Why can’t I use regular cotton balls?

You must be wondering how regular cotton balls fail at performing this job. The biggest answer to this is that regular cotton is not made for this purpose. Any regular cotton ball optimized as a vape Vick can be dangerous. It can get you sick or, worse, permanently injured.

Cotton balls are made for personal care, beauty, and cleaning industries, which means that they are not sanitary or food-safe. Smoking them is the worst possible decision you could make. A study on Pubmed reveals how terrycloth (cotton) has a higher nicotine deposition. Yet, regular cotton is extremely unsafe for the following reason. Heating traditional cotton releases a terrible gas, including chlorine and many other bleaching agents. They are not safe for our lungs or bodies.

The extreme care that we take in picking the right e-liquid and e-cigarette ensures our safety throughout the process. Picking the best cotton for vaping is a vital part of this process.

As we transition to vaping, we make a healthier choice over smoking cigarettes. Using cotton destroys that promise and exposes us to unsafe chemicals!

How to choose the best cotton for vaping?

With the variety of products in the market today, this choice comes down to your priorities and preferences. We recommend assessing the best vape cotton for you by considering factors like your values, budget, and your preferences.

If you are a beginner and your priority is understanding the process, Native wicks would be your best option. They are pre-rolled hence the best option for this requirement. You will be able to slide it into your atomizer without any hassle directly. It also gives you a chance to understand the required thickness and procedure without much difficulty.

If you deem quality the most important, opting for Cotton Bacon would be a good choice. We recommend it as it is made of medical-grade cotton. It is purified completely, and additionally, it comes along with long strands. These are made according to vape coil sizes and easily slip into the most available coils in the market.

If on a tight budget, you can opt for organic cotton ball options. These are feasible and do not have any harmful bleaches, pesticides, or chemicals. They are easily available as well. The list goes on based on your priorities, but if the vaporizer has an in-built RDA or RBA, a general thing to look for. As vape cotton comes in exact sizes for particular coils, you may have to approach use with caution. You can take your time, cut the excess and remove it with a tweezer.

Final Words

We realize that with vaping comes responsibility! Many think they are cleverly using resources around them while picking regular cotton. But it puts them at a larger risk than they are aware of. We recommend vaping responsibly with the best vape cotton. We advise you to make informed choices and decisions when it comes to vaping!

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