5 Ways Vaping is Cleaner Than Smoking

Though the benefits of vaping are clear to those who have already made the switch from smoking cigarettes, it may be more difficult to grasp the perks from an unfamiliar point of view.

If you’re looking into the possibility of jumping aboard the vape train, go into the situation with knowledge.  Check out a brief look into some of the most compelling ways vaping is a cleaner habit than smoking cigarettes.

The math is simple

Vaping is cleaner for your body than smoking by a longshot.  That’s not to say that there are no dangers at all associated with vaping, but there are only three chemicals in most vape juices.

When it comes to cigarettes, smokers are inhaling thousands of harmful chemicals with every puff.  What’s most notable is the lack of tar in vape juices.  Without the presence of tar, you’re really doing a much better service towards keeping your lungs clean and clear.

The smell is much better

There is absolutely no denying that the smell of some vape juices is heavenly in nature.  There’s also no denying that you won’t find a cigarette in any corner of the universe that emits half as pleasurable a smell as today’s vape juices.

The foul smell of a cigarette hangs on tight to surfaces like your hands, clothes, and hair.  If you want your beard to smell as fresh as the beard oil you applied this morning, then you’re much better off ditching the cigarettes for a vape.

Vaping is easier on the budget

Setting aside a part of your regular budget to support your vaping habits is much “cleaner” than what you have to set aside to pay for the upkeep of a smoking habit.  Think about it.

The average cost of a pack of smokes can be set easily at $5.00.  If you smoke a pack a day, you’re spending $35 a week, and $140 per month for cigarettes.  If you vape the equivalent, you’ll spend around $40 a month.

No yellow residue in your house

If you’re familiar with the house of a smoker who smokes indoors, then you are familiar with the yellow residue that is left by the dirty habit.  Vaping doesn’t leave your walls looking dirty and yellow.

Vaping doesn’t produce a lasting residue at all.  The residue cigarettes leave behind is compounded inside of your body, making for a dirty set of lungs for sure.

Vape mods are reusable

Vaping is cleaner on the environment than cigarettes as well.  Most vapers use their vaping device over and over again for an extended amount of time before moving on to another device.  When you smoke cigarettes, there‘s waste produced every time you partake.

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