Yocan iShred Vaporizer Review

The Yocan vaporizers are, by all means, among the best vaping devices of this age. They are known to provide excellent flavor, thick smoke, and long-lasting battery life. The Yocan iShred vaporizer is a living example of the brand’s state-of-the-art technology. Let’s have a closer look at this innovative device and see what it has got.

Temperature flexibility

With the versatility this device offers, you wouldn’t need to purchase two different vaporizers for your different moods. It can equally satisfy people who love thick and even thin clouds. It has a range of temperature settings which means the device can give out strong hits at a higher range and smoother flavor at the lower range.

Unfortunately, it might have a structural flaw as its narrow air paths make the vaping session uncomfortable at higher temperatures. You would end up coughing or even burning your lips. Therefore, we would recommend you to stay below 210 degrees to play safe.

Design & Fit

Yocan iShred Vaporizer Review

In terms of portability, the Yocan devices overshadow every other rivaling brands. It is small enough to fit inside your tiny pocket and you wouldn’t even notice its presence. Even with an additional bottom compartment for the grinder, it still retains its compactness and it is something which we can only expect from Yocan vaporizers.

Moreover, it is pretty well built and gives out a solid feel. The construction is made of high-grade material to last long. Also, the mouthpiece design has a built-in stirrer that lets you deal with the herbs inside the chamber.

Built-in grinder

The feature that makes this device stand out from the crowd is its built-in grinder. If you have left your grinder at home by choice or mistakenly then no worries. The built-in grinder can come handy in such emergencies.

The portable grinder has three components including the separable bottom chamber. It is not complicated and you can use it in just three simple steps. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the grinder isn’t supposed to rival its full body counterparts. It is just a feature to help you through emergencies.

Battery Life

Yocan iShred vape pen holds a powerful 2600mAh battery that ensures long-lasting performance and consistent vapor flavor. Moreover, the CBD mods battery is known for reaching the optimum temperature at a faster pace than the regular one. It means your device would prepare the delicious hits faster than average vaporizers.

The downside of this model is that the battery is non-removable. So, you won’t be able to replace the battery once it gets bad.


  • Large ceramic heating chamber
  • Led display screen
  • Unique built-in grinder
  • Precise temperature control
  • Comes in 2 different colors


  • Works with: dry herb
  • Weight: 0.5-0.7 lbs
  • Charging: micro USB 1a charging rate
  • Battery: 2600mah integrated 18650 (non-removable)
  • 100% ceramic heating chamber
  • 5 minutes cut off
  • Temperature range: 200f-460f (93c- 238c)
  • Ui: power/temperature setting, time, current temperature
  • Automatically stays at your last sessions temperature

What’s in the box?

  • 1 Yocan iShred
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 User Manual


  • The built-in grinder can prove handy on many occasions.
  • The temperature control feature lets you manipulate the flavor.
  • The built-in stirrer allows you to manage the herbs inside the chamber.
  • The display is readable even in sunlight.
  • The device has a portable design.


  • The battery is non-removable.
  • The performance of the grinder is questionable.

Final Verdict

Investing in Yocan iShred vaporizer would be a smart choice due to its countless user-friendly features and first-class performance. With all the splendid features we would consider this device the best cheap selection among the other dry herb vaporizers on the market. The temperature flexibility, built-in grinder and stirrer, portable design and production of high-quality vapors make this device a must-have.

Author: Guest Contributor

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