5 Reasons Why You Should Be Vaporizing Cannabis

It’s easy to get stuck into a habit of smoking cannabis and just forget that there are other options. Vaping hasn’t been around as long as smoking has and it means sometimes it’s easily discounted as too trendy or new to be worth it. The truth is that’s not the case at all. There are a lot of reasons vaping would be a preferable method of consumption, and based on a survey conducted by TVape, 92% of respondents agreed that “I believe switching from smoking to vaporizing benefits my health”. 

In reality, vaporizing technology is only going to continue to grow and advance. Sticking with smoking isn’t going to give you the best effects when you’re trying to medicate with cannabis or even just enjoy a good time. Vaping is here to stay, and the misconceptions about it are outdated and shouldn’t be part of the deciding factor in whether you decide to start vaping.

If you haven’t considered the benefits of vaping over other consumption methods, now is the time to give it some serious thought and research. Because vapes have made such big changes in how they work in the past few years, you’re bound to find one you’ll love that you didn’t even know was out there. With that in mind, here are five reasons you should be vaping.

1. Vaporizing Works More Quickly

If you’re using cannabis to treat something like a panic attack or extreme pain, time is a valuable thing you can’t afford to waste. You need relief right now, not 10-20 minutes from now. With vaping, you will be able to experience that immediate relief you’re craving which isn’t always available with smoking or other consumption methods.

Smoking does work quickly but it’s still not going to give you the instant relief you’re looking for. With a vape, you can expect to inhale and feel symptomatic relief right away. Similar findings are true even if you’re vaping CBD oil. You can expect to feel the effects up to 30-60 minutes faster vaping CBD than if you were to use it another way.

Even if you’re just looking to kick back and relax it can be frustrating to have to wait for the effects of what you’re smoking to kick in. Switching to a vape means no more waiting. You can kick your shoes off, get comfy, and know that you’re going to be feeling more relaxed within seconds instead of minutes. It’s a great benefit all around.

2. Vaping Gives You A Stronger High

This is another benefit of vaping that you may not have considered. Sometimes people assume that all highs are created equally, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The effects of vaping give you a more intense and sudden hit of relief than any other method out there. While this may not be desirable for some people, for those waiting for symptom relief it could be perfect.

Think about the last time you had knee or joint pain, or even a migraine. Did you want to take a pill and hope it kind of worked to wear off some of your symptoms in about 30 minutes? Probably not. You most likely wanted instant and intense relief. That’s what vaping does for anyone needing that kind of help. 

If you don’t want the intense high you’re reading about right now, that doesn’t mean vaping is a bad option for you. It may mean, though, that you need to experiment with what you’re vaping to find the right mix. Either way, vaping is going to give most users a more intense feeling of relief from their symptoms, and that’s a great thing.

3. Fewer Respiratory Issues

While smoking cannabis has never been linked to anything as negative as cigarette smoke has, it’s still tough on your lungs. While smoking, you may experience more frequent bouts of respiratory issues like bronchitis. Since no one wants to be sick or deal with lung issues, switching to vaping would be a good option. 

A study done by Johns Hopkins Medicine showed that people who switched from smoking to vaping for just one month reported fewer (or no) incidents of respiratory issues. This is a big deal because it means they didn’t have to give up their cannabis; they just changed how they consumed it. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Vaping helped them and their lungs.

4. It’s More Discreet

Think about needing to smoke in public. It’s highly conspicuous and will often draw the attention of others who are intent on giving you nasty looks as you smoke. It’s not a great feeling — even if you know you aren’t doing anything wrong. Smoking just has a way of drawing judgmental eyes no matter how close or far away they are. If they can see you, they’re judging you.

Vapes come in all shapes and sizes, meaning some of them will fit in the palm of your hand. If you’re out in public and realize you’re having a panic attack, then you have a chance to treat that without drawing attention. You can find a quiet corner to use your vape quickly and get back to the action while you’re out. Smoking just isn’t going to give you that option. 

Yes, there will probably still be people judging you if they are eagle-eyed and watching you vape but it’s much less likely. More often than not, you’ll be able to vape in peace and get the relief you need, so you don’t have to go all day suffering through your symptoms. If you often need relief while you’re out, a vape is a must-have for you.

5. It Produces Fewer Carcinogens

This is a little different from being safer for your respiratory system. Vaporizers that use dry cannabis, like the Utillian 420 or ZEUS Arc only heat the flower, they never burn it. This creates a vapor that contains fewer carcinogens than smoking would. Again, no cases of cancer have been directly linked to cannabis consumption, but inhaling fewer carcinogens is never going to be a bad thing.

In fact, in the same Johns Hopkins study mentioned earlier, they were able to test the chemicals in both vapor and smoke from cannabis. While the vapor showed higher levels of cannabinoids and only 3 other chemicals, the smoke showed lower levels of cannabinoids and up to 111 other chemicals. This reason alone could be enough to get you to switch to vaping as soon as possible.


Vaporizing doesn’t have to be inaccessible or a pretentious way to consume your cannabis any longer. There are so many benefits to using a vaporizer that you can’t afford to skip it as an option. Keep what you’ve read here in mind. Some of these reasons are bound to benefit you and your lifestyle. Trying something new is always fun, so give a vape a try and enjoy it!

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  1. Switched to vaporizing a few years ago and love it. still do a joint once a week, but definitely feel better nowadays like that survey says.

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