Why Vaping Weed Is Better Than Smoking

Vaping weed or vaporization of cannabis has been in demand over the last few years. Just like e-cigarettes, vaping weed or marijuana has become a familiar alternative to smoking weed. People shop vape kit as they feel vaping nicotine is 95% safer than smoking.

Well, this is not just the assumption made by the cannabis addicts. Even scientific studies have proved that vaping marijuana is multiple times better than smoking weed.

Reading this article, you will come across multiple strong reasons that highlight why vaping weed is much better than smoking.

4 Benefits of Cannabis Vaporization

No heat, no combustion

Smoking weed involves inhalation of harmful smoke toxins like tar, ammonia, and carcinogens. These compounds are generated only when marijuana is heated and combusted, which further creates lung irritation.

Vaping weed, although it produces fewer compounds of carcinogens, does not cause any kind of health problem. Since the product is only heated, not combusted, inhalation of the vapor is less toxic than smoking.

This is the primary reason why people shop vape kit instead of preferring smoking.

Lack of smoke smell

Vaping weed does not require flames or any external heat source to light up the weed and turn into ash. As a consequence, it does not possess any smoke smell or an irritating odor.

Vaping weed typically comes with a more pronounced and discreet flavor than smoking. The best thing about this vaping weed is you can taste the individual terpenes and cannabinoid profiles of each strain very distinctly.

Such a flavorful odor encourages the weed addicts to choose vape over smoking.


Unlike smoking that causes combustion, inhaling of vape products you can extract the cannabinoids from dry medicinal herbs slowly and effectively. You can use Already Vaped Bud (AVB) to make edibles and tea ingredients or simply as an emergency vape.

These vape products undoubtedly offer plenty of medicinal benefits to the person consuming them. However, on the other hand, cannabinoids when heated and combusted, turned into ash no longer remain healthier and valuable.

Adjustable temperature

Vaping is the process of heating cannabis without burning it. Heating cannabis releases active ingredients into the air. However, this heating temperature can be controlled to a great extent.

Cannabis can be vaporized at three different temperatures. These can be at 338deg F, 392deg F, and 446deg F. The cannabinoid to byproduct ratio measured using High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is always higher than that in smoke.

By controlling the temperature below heating with combustion, vaping marijuana is done. This is the one prominent reason for vaping weed producing fewer toxins when compared to smoking weed.

Some drawbacks!

Despite having so many benefits, cannabinoids do have some drawbacks. The portable vapes do not require lighter but need to be recharged occasionally. They require proper maintenance to perform well and thus are less inexpensive than smoking.

Take Away

Studies have proved that smoking causes respiratory infections and bronchitis. For extreme conditions, it can even cause lung cancer. But it’s the smoke that creates such risks for the smokers, not the cannabinoids.

Rather cannabinoids are responsible for multiple health benefits like reducing anxiety, battling with cancer cells, reducing inflammation, etc. Vaping weed compared to smoking shows fewer respiratory issues. So, there is no such harm to shop vape products and experience the discreet flavor.

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