6 Ways Weed Can Help (or Hurt) Athletic Performance

With the marijuana legalization campaigns in full swing across the globe, more and more scientists are showing an active interest in this plant. Originally growing in Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, cannabis had spread across the planet and got millions of users. Many of these people use it simply as an analgesic, as they are athletes who want to improve their fitness levels. Having said this, here are 6 ways in which marijuana influences your athletic performance, whether it be in a positive or a negative way.

Threating muscle spasms

Diseases like Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis come with multiple muscle spasm, as the people suffering from them are painfully aware. Marijuana can help treat these spasms and its use can be expanded to incorporate spasms caused by physical activity. This is because ganja, as its users refer to it, has anti-inflammatory properties that help muscles recover faster, which is exactly what athletes need. The research on this use of marijuana is still novel but there are promising leads that the plant can help more than people suffering from a serious illness.

Sound asleep

Any bodybuilder will tell you that the most important segment, up to 2/3, of his/her muscles is actually sleeping; exercising regularly and dieting properly making for the remaining 1/3. Marijuana can help in this aspect as well since THC induces sleep. This is useful to know for people who suffer from PTSD or simply have trouble going to sleep at the end of the day.

Cannabis achieves this either by suppressing dreams altogether or its compounds CBD eases REM sleep disorder and daytime fatigue. By sleeping better and getting rid of stress, you are opening a path to athletic excellence. If you start using marijuana, you will no longer need to take conventional sleep medications.

Lung damage

You probably already know that smoking cigarettes hurts your lungs and makes it impossible to do any fitness. If you decide to smoke marijuana, then the results are going to be similar as you inflict damage to your lungs, even contracting cancer. In general, athletes know that everything that you smoke is bad for you, so they stay clear of such substances.

Fighting the addiction

Marijuana joints, much like cigarettes, can turn into an addiction over time, adding to the health risks. If you want to become addicted to anything, then take up running in the park every day, not smoking ganja or cigarettes. Leading a healthy lifestyle goes hand in hand with doing sports and smoking pot doesn’t exactly fit the bill.

No pain, no gain

Pain is an ambiguous topic when it comes to doing sports. On the one side, it’s definitely not pleasant to experience it but on the other, it is the only sure way to know you are improving your fitness levels. We have already mentioned cannabis’s anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate the pain caused by excessive physical activity.

Using marijuana after practice

However, a true athlete will never use cannabis before or during his practice session or a game because it can cause motoric problems. Marijuana should only be used after the physical activity is over, as the pain levels rise, often being too much a person to cope with. In this sense, ganja is a far better solution than buying tons of painkillers that can damage your digestive system.

All in all, marijuana has slightly more beneficial properties than negative ones when it comes to its correlation to fitness performance. However, this doesn’t mean that you should use it indiscriminately. Smoking ganja before practice is the worst thing you can do as it will definitely hurt your athletic performance. On the other side, if you the cannabis plant in a responsible manner, then your fitness levels can actually benefit as your muscles will recover faster after every training session.

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  1. marijuana should be legalized all over the world. Let me note that marijuana in its purest form does not cause a high instead it has a lot of amazing health benefits

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