Vaporizer vs. Bong: What You Need to Know

Smoking and vaping are two ways to effectively consume cannabis and bongs have been considered the most popular method for old-school smokers. While its modern alternative; vaporizers are making a buzz in the industry.

Over recent years, vaporizers have been successfully replacing bongs and the rate does not seem to stop. New innovative vaporizers overwhelm young candidates at a much faster rate than antiquated bong devices. If you are someone new and curious to discover which one is better then go through our article and you would get that answer.


Most people mistakenly assume that vaporizers are the aftermath of recent technological advancement but the fact is that they have been around for many years. But due to modern innovation, only their latest forms earned recognition. They are actually compact devices in which liquid or herb is heated to give rise to nicotine-rich vapors that are then inhaled.

There is no hard line for their design, appearance, and features as different manufacturers introduce variable technology but their basic functionality remains the same. Many online stores are now at large and provide every kind of vaping devices and their alternatives. One of these growing platforms; KINGS-PIPE.COM contributes a lot to the vaping industry by offering vapes and bongs from renowned brands.

While discussing vaporizers we can’t shut our eyes to vape pens which are portable, user-friendly, lightweight and efficient vaping devices that have taken the vaping community by storm.


For centuries, bongs have been providing a delightful approach to consume herbs. It has been around longer than vaporizers but seemingly its time has come to pass. Nowadays, its use is limited to some herb and tobacco users who fail to accept its ultra-modern alternatives. The structure is simple — a long vessel with two openings and a base to hold the water. The water act as a cooling system to maintain the optimum temperature of the smoke as it passes by.  Glass and acrylic bongs are the most common types.

Comparative analysis

Both have pros and cons so, let us have an insight:

Portability:We are always on the move so let’s face it that portability is a necessity now. Vaporizers have no rivals in terms of extreme portability. You can them inside your pocket or slide it in your bag and its presence will be unnoticeable. While bongs do not provide such benefits as they are difficult to carry around.

Consistency: Even with a powerful battery, vaporizers do not last much longer. You would need a power source after every few hours to recharge and continue your vaping session. On the other hand, bongs can go on as long as you want.

Safety: Many myths roam around the vaping community about how the adverse effects of vaporizers on your bodily function. The truth is bongs are way more harmful because you inhale a much higher dose along with many dangerous chemicals by smoking through them.

Smell: If you are a regular bong user then you know the struggle to deal with the intense smell is real. While vaporizers do not give out such a strong aroma. However, at high temperatures, the smell can be stronger but not as much as bongs.

Short-Term Respiratory Side Effects: There are many short-term health side effects related to bongs due to stronger hits and higher dosage. But vaporizers do not exhibit such strong side effects. The devices play around safe temperatures to convert herbs into vapors. Moreover, the latest vaporizers have convection ovens that are a much safer way of generating vapors in comparison to conduction methods.

Flavor: At the end of the end, it all comes down to better taste. Bongs require more temperature to give rise to smoke but vaporizers work around safe temperatures that do not obliterate the flavor. Therefore, it is bad news for bong lovers as vaporizers taste much better.

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