Vaping is the new normal. It’s a popular form of showing others that you know how to enjoy yourself, but you also want to stay healthy. Believe it or not, vaping can help you find that special someone because it tells more about you than you can ever imagine.

Most vapers don’t care about what other people think. Also, vaping is not that cheap, so it’s also a sign of wealth, not the only style. If you play your cards right, something as simple as a vaporizer can help you attract the person you like.

Vapers are often gentle beings.

Smoking is a nasty habit that creates all kinds of problems. That includes having that bad smell, but it’s also a ticking health bomb, and let’s face it, smoking is a thing of the past. There’s no room for smokers in the 21st century, so we’re making way for the new cool kids – vapers.

People who realize that smoking is socially unacceptable already prove that they care about themselves as well as others. It doesn’t matter if you smoked cigarettes before you started vaping, the fact that you made the switch says a lot about your personality.

Vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, and kissing someone whose breath smells like a strawberry is always more attractive. Vapers are people who care about others. Otherwise, they wouldn’t care about the nuisance caused by smoking.

Vapers are attractive

There’s something special about vaping in public. Imagine seeing a girl or a guy who smokes cigarettes like a chimney.

Would you find him/her attractive, or would you think that he/she is disgusting? Now imagine the same person holding a vaporizer. Not only do most people think that vaping is acceptable, they often want to give it a try.

Exhaling so much vapor looks cool, and it’s just entertaining. The vapor has a nice smell, the smoke is not harmful, and you don’t have to think about health concerns.

The cool guys from the 60s and 70s were often portrayed with a cigar behind their ear. The 2020 cool guy has a vaporizer in his hands. That’s the truth!

Vapers are open to trying new things!

If you are willing to try something new, you don’t have a problem with stepping outside of your comfort zone. That requires courage, which speaks a lot about anyone.

While vaping may not be such a big deal, having the willingness to try new devices, e-juices, glass bongs, and so on means that the person would likely try other new things.

No one wants a boring partner. Spending time with someone who vapes usually means that you will get to see and try new things. That doesn’t mean that you have to vape too, but you can expect to try new sports, go to exciting events, and meet the same kind of people.

Something as simple as a vape can give you a good idea about how someone lives. If you like adventures, vapers are a good bet.

Vapers are usually financially stable.

Most vaping equipment is very expensive. Top-shelf e-liquids can cost hundreds of dollars, and if someone has enough money to spend on vaping, that means that he’s financially stable. Dating someone who has money shouldn’t be your first requirement, but it’s still important.

How can vaping help you meet that special someone

Believe it or not, vaping can help you find a person you can click with. First off, it will eliminate all potential partners who have a problem with vaping. Show the rest of the world that you like to vape, and you’ll surround yourself with people who don’t see that as an issue.

If you see a person you like, and if that person also has a vape in their hands, you can quickly find something to talk about. You can maybe offer your vaporizer and ask the person if he/she wants to try your new flavor.

Always go with something sweet and fruity that leaves a nice taste in the mouth. You would be amazed at what people think after such a small gesture. You will seem as sweet as the e-liquid they just tasted, which will increase your chances tenfold.

It’s a great conversation starter.

These days, many people don’t know how to break the ice and make that first step when they like someone. Having a vape on you can ease a conversation, no matter if the person likes vaping or not.

You can start talking about how you tried this new e-juice, and it’s the best thing ever. It tastes like a smoothie or something, and that will interest the other person, and there you have it – a conversation is born. Remember to act natural, and the two of you could end up seeing each other regularly. Good luck!