Essential Things to Note When Using THC

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, and it’s one of the extracts from cannabis. These extracts are called cannabinoids, and there are between 113 and 120 identified ones. They are responsible for the effect you feel when you take hemp. In fact, you can pretty much isolate the different effects of hemp based on the cannabinoid you take. Some cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) are even available in oil tinctures, powder, and gummies.

Because these cannabinoids are similar, it may be difficult to tell which ones do what. This is especially true when you’re taking hemp that’s cultured to be rich in one cannabinoid and deficient in some others. To steer you on the right path, here are three things to keep in mind when using THC.

It’s not quite the same as CBD.

Both THC and CBD are indeed cannabinoids. They are extracted from the same plant. They have similar chemical compositions, and they even act on similar receptors in the body. However, they are vastly different cannabinoids. You can tell this from their effects.

For example, it’s nearly impossible to get high with CBD. This is because the receptors it acts on in the brain are responsible for other things like managing anxiety. With THC, on the other hand, you CAN get high. In fact, one of its most beloved qualities is the high it gives. Taken in the right dosage, you can feel like you’re floating on cloud nine, while with CBD, you’re pretty much “grounded.”

It’s higher in some strains than others.

Even though THC is one of the cannabinoids, it’s higher in some strains of hemp than others. You might be tempted to think that since they all belong to the same group of substance and have similar effects, they are probably all present in the same quantities. However, this isn’t true.

Unless you’re buying THC extracts, this is something you should know. CBD may give you stress relief and potentially even modulate your pain, but it won’t give you the euphoria of THC. As a result, you’re better off buying Jack Herer Terpsolate, as it contains THC in much higher concentrations than CBD. On the other hand, if CBD is what you really want, you can consider shopping for CBD tinctures.

It has some side effects.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since almost everything that has pros also has cons. But then, what you might not know is that the side effects of THC vary widely on several factors. First of all, how you consume it matters. If you smoke marijuana, you’ll probably get different side effects than if you eat it. This is because the amount that makes it into your bloodstream is different in both cases.

Also, as mentioned earlier, it’s more in some strains than others, and so, if you take Jack Herer, you might expect different side effects as from other strains. Some of the side effects are hallucinations, feelings of anxiety, and altered consciousness.

You’ll agree that these side effects are no small matter. As a result, you should probably take marijuana rich in THC with caution, so you don’t freak out after a while.

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